Breaking news … Fire on boat in Istanbul | Video

A fire broke out on a boat off Beşiktaş in the Bosphorus for an unknown reason.

With the news of the citizens who saw the flames, teams attached to the Coast Guard Command and fire brigade teams were sent to the scene. The fire that broke out on the boat, which was learned to be under renovation, was under control in about 30 minutes.

It was claimed that the boat was moored on the beach during the fire, the boat was taken to work to prevent the fire from leaping to other boats, but with the growth of the fire, some people on the boat left the boat by boat. While the cooling works continued, the boat, which had a fire, sank.


The Governorship of Istanbul also made a statement about the boat burning off the Beşiktaş. In the statement, “According to the information received from the Coast Guard Operations Center, a fire occurred in a boat off the Beşiktaş in the Bosphorus, and coastal security, coast guard, fire brigade and 112 health teams were dispatched to the scene. Fire, coast guard teams and land It was taken under control with the intervention of firefighters. There are no casualties and injuries. ”

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