BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake in Pacitan, Tremors Felt Up to Yogyakarta

PORTAL JEMBER – Just tonight, September 24 2020 at 20.20 WIB there was a tremor earthquake hit the East Java region and even outside the province.

Power earthquake centered 72 km southwest Pacitan, East Java, it reaches a magnitude of 4.7 with a latitude of 8.78 south latitude and 110.88 east longitude.

Location earthquake right in the water, south of the Regency Pacitan.

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The earthquake this time reached a shallow depth of 24 km. This is the fifth time earthquakes in Indonesia after Bengkulu, Ambon and Mamasa have occurred twice for today alone.

MMI regions who feel it are reported on Twitter @infoBMKG and the official website BMKG, there are three regions in the MMI II-II scale.

The three regions include II-III Gunung Kidul, II-III Yogyakarta, as well as II-III Bantul.

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Until this news was published, there was no official information on the page BMKG and official social media whether there is a follow-up earthquake, causes, and types of earthquake which occurred in the southern region of East Java.

There have been no reports of damage or losses from the affected community or the earthquake vibrations in their area.


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