Bread can hit 5 leva price

Zero indirect tax on bread alone will lead to losses of about BGN 100 million.

Every Monday, the raw materials for the production of bakery products are at new prices. These are the observations of bakers for the last few months

“Everything has been going up for 7-8 months. No one can say how much the bread will increase, it can reach 5 leva, depending on the market price of wheat. We are struggling. Electricity subsidies are not help , because they take a lot from you and give you back a little “, said Dimitar Bakalov, owner of a snack bar in Blagoevgrad, in” Speak now “on BNT.

According to him, there is an increase in eggs, flour, cheese.

“I think there is no speculation,” added Dimitar Bakalov.

The prices of snacks and bread have risen by almost 50 percent in the last 9 months. Wheat is expected to cost twice as much in the autumn.

Producers continue to insist on the abolition of VAT on bread and bakery products, but so far there is no consensus in the coalition on this issue.

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