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Brazilian Presidential Candidates Still Not Submit Renewal Program | Opinion

A few days before the presidential elections, the most controversial and with the biggest unknowns since the dictatorship, the Brazilians still do not know what the winner intends to do with the country: the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, or the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Neither candidate vying for the head of state has presented a specific program on economic or social issues, both of which are crucial at the moment.

President Bolsonaro has difficulty because in these four years of government he has done exactly the opposite of what he promised to be elected, and has wasted time threatening a coup. He had promised to put an end to the so-called conservative and corrupt “old politics” and ended up relying on the staleest of Congress, giving body and soul to him and his practices. He had promised a liberal economic policy with a promise to privatize state-owned companies, starting with Petrobras. He had promised the world of money to minimize the state and it was the other way around.

He had promised to put an end to the scourge of political corruption that he claimed had been the work of Lula’s left, and it ended up appearing as if he and his entire family seem involved, as well as various ministers of his government, in the corruption scandals.

And now to be re-elected, the president uses the methods of old politics he condemned by spending millions of public money to finance his candidacy. And despite this, his voters still don’t know what he would do and what he would change about his disastrous four-year government. He is putting all his strength into the fact that with him the “hateful and satanic” Communists, who exist even only in his imagination, will not return to power.

In turn, his opponent in question, Lula da Silva, who this time presents himself as the leader of a series of political formations ranging from left to non-fascist right, is still a few days before the elections without presenting a government program. concrete in which it is stated that he has already ruled twice and everyone knows what he has done. What happens is that since then not only Brazil but also world politics has changed and new problems have arisen that require new solutions, which neither of the two favorites has presented to date.

And it is precisely this ambiguity and modesty in presenting public opinion on both sides with a concrete and detailed program that addresses the unprecedented problems that the country is experiencing, especially in the field of the economy, broadening the horizons not only of the poverty it embraces. half the population but of hunger and misery.

And, at the same time, no one proposes how to stem the hell of hatred unleashed by the far-right politics that is dividing families themselves, which has exacerbated already serious crimes and provoked, according to a poll by Data sheet days ago, 75% of young people plan to leave their country if they could.

So far, what has been seen in the countryside is a sad and vulgar rosary of low-caliber mutual accusations, of accusations that smell of sewer, launched by both candidates as Satanism, cannibalism, Freemasonry and lately also pedophilia, while by the great entrepreneurs and millions of unemployed are waiting to be told how they will fight the serious economic crisis and the climate of physical and moral violence that has been unleashed in the country.

Perhaps this is why the last televised debates before the elections that will face both candidates are highly anticipated, as they could end up moving the chips of millions of voters who have not yet decided who to vote for. And this is precisely because none of the candidates has put on the table, without hesitation or ambiguity, what it intends to do to make this great country return to its democratic normality, regain self-confidence and eradicate the weeds of hatred, unemployment and even hunger. that afflicts him.

It will soon be known whether the result of the elections will keep the country in the current climate of fear, despair and unsolved unknowns or will give it back the hope of being able to see itself as the country of the future, when it was said that “God was Brazilian”. “. Now what Brazil has left behind are demons and despair. Or is the resurrection Sunday miracle coming?

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