Brazilian football legend Ronaldiny has finally returned to his feet – Football – – Sports

Ronaldinju and his brother were arrested in early March this year for entering the country with forged passports.

First, the two Brazilians were placed in a Paraguayan prison, where they spent more than a month, and Ronaldiny awaited her 40th anniversary. Both brothers were later placed under house arrest.

Finally, Ronaldinju and his brother are on their feet. Ronaldinho was fined $ 90,000 and his brother $ 110,000.

“There is no indication that he has personality traits or criminal behavior that would endanger the surrounding community,” one of his lawyers told Ronaldinya in a report.

Although Ronaldinju himself has been healthy and will not have a criminal record, the footballer’s brother will have to appear before the Brazilian authorities every three months for the next two years, and he will not be allowed to leave the country.

It is reported that both Brazilians have already left Paraguay and returned to their home countries.

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