Brazil wants to wait until June for star coaches

Brazil want Carlo Ancelotti as national coach and have a meeting with Real. The star coach welcomes the opportunity, but canceled in December.


the essentials in brief

  • Brazil are reportedly looking to make Ancelotti their national team coach.
  • The federation is ready to wait for the Italian until after the end of the season.
  • The Real coach welcomes the opportunity to take over the Seleçao.

Brazil appear to have found a top candidate to succeed Tite: Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Globo, important steps have been taken in the negotiations. Brazil FA president Ednaldo Rodrigues is due to meet Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez later this month. He should formulate a proposal on how Ancelotti could become a Seleçao coach.

The 63-year-old Italian is still fighting for three titles in Madrid: In the Copa del Rey, the royals are in the semi-finals, and Liverpool are waiting in the Champions League round of 16. Eight points behind Barcelona, ​​winning the championship will be difficult, but it doesn’t seem impossible.

The Brazilian FA are aware of this and respect Ancelotti’s commitments in Madrid. Therefore, according to “Globo”, he is ready to wait until June for the successful coach. U20 national coach Ramon Menezes will therefore take over for the friendlies in March.

As early as December, Ancelotti’s name was mentioned in the discussion about Tite’s successor. At the time, the Italian said he had had no contact with the Brazilians. He has a contract in Madrid until June 2024, he said to “Rai1”. “If Real doesn’t kick me out first, I won’t budge.”

Meanwhile, Ancelotti is said to have a different opinion. “Globo” writes that the Italian welcomes the opportunity to take over the Seleçao after the end of the season.

Would Ancelotti be the right coach for Brazil’s national team?

However, should Carlo Ancelotti cancel, there are reports that other top-class names are on the list of candidates: Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola or AS Roma’s Jose Mourinho are said to be alternatives.

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