Brazil registers 10,691 infections and 55 deaths from Covid-19 | News

The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported this Sunday that during the last 24 hours it registered 10,691 new infections by Covid-19 and 55 deaths from the disease.


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According to the health authority, to date the South American country has accumulated 31,704,193 infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 669,065 deaths from Covid-19.

He also added that at least 30,366,011 people have recovered from the disease and 669,117 cases are still active.

Among the states with the highest level of Covid-19 infections are Sao Paulo, with the highest number of cases with 5.63 million records; Minas Gerais, with 3.50 million; and Paraná, with 2.58 million.

Likewise, the highest number of deaths is reported in Sao Paulo, with 170,171 deaths; followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 73,957.

To date, 443 million doses of anticovid vaccines have been applied, of which 177.4 million are the first dose and 159.9 million are the second dose; while the single dose was administered to 4.9 million people.

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