Brazil: journalist assaulted and threatened with knife when going live

A Brazilian journalist, Bruna Macedo, was assaulted and threatened with a knife, this Saturday morning, as she was preparing to enter a television broadcast for CNN Brasil, already in the background.

A man approached Bruna Macedo and took her two cell phones to the side of a straight to cover the weather in the city of São Paulo, on the banks of the Tietê River, plagued by rain.

The reporter was taken out of the plan and did not go straight, with the pivot telling the spectators what had happened: «Bruna Macedo was entering the air, in a divided picture. In the middle image, she is seen being approached by a boy. I could not understand at the time what was happening, if it was a homeless person passing by. But after what happened, we cut the image and it explained that it was stolen, ”said the pivot.

After the event, the journalist returned to the newsroom.

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