Brazil fears a “Trump effect” if Bolsonaro loses

Although the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonarohas considerably reduced the difference in the surveys with Lula da Silvathe left-wing leader is still the top favorite ahead of the October elections.

At the beginning of the year, the advantage of the leader of the PT reached more than 20 points. However, in recent weeks Bolsonaro has regained ground and, according to various polls, he is only five points behind Lula.

This would not be enough for the president to prevail in the hypothetical ballot and, from there, the real problems could begin. Many believe that, like Donald Trump in United States, Bolsonaro will not recognize the resultswhich could provoke a rebellion from his followers.

In this regard, yesterday the head of the Brazilian Electoral Tribunal warned that the country could face an attack similar to the US Capitol riots in 2021.

The fear arises because Bolsonaro, who has Trump as his idol, has denounced on more than one occasion that his country’s electronic voting system is very manipulable, although he has not presented any evidence in this regard.

Judge Edson Fachin, who heads the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), said during a speech in Brasilia that the attack by Trump supporters “is a warning of the possibility of regression that we face and that it can infiltrate our national environment and that Unfortunately, unfortunately, it has already happened.

“The electronic ballot box made it possible to overcome these concerns. It is the electronic ballot box that brings peace and security to our process (…) Brazil no longer consents to authoritarian adventures,” he added.

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