Brawl on board the plane. The passengers fought over the loose veil

Passenger Rylie Landsdorf made a video that captures the quarrel of two passengers on board the plane. The quarrel eventually turned into a fight. Landsdorf later uploaded the video to her instragram profile, where over 23,000 people saw it in the first day alone, he said. Daily Mail.

It all started with one of my men starting to swear at the other for refusing to put on a veil, despite staff calls. According to Landsdorf, the man covered his mouth only with a shield and behaved very rudely to the crew.

The verbal shootout eventually turned into a battle, which had to be ended by the aircraft security guard, who then expelled the passenger, who refused to put on the veil, from the plane.

“At first I thought it was a rift between friends. But in the end I found out that they were really cursing,” the woman said.

Allegian Air has clearly stated in its rules that people must wear a veil on their mouth at all times during a flight. Protective shields are not recognized by the company as sufficient protection.


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