Home Entertainment Brave Švandová, Krejčíková et al .: They went to their underwear!

Brave Švandová, Krejčíková et al .: They went to their underwear!


ro renowned fashion brand Krejčíková she recently took a collection of lingerie on her own initiative and was not alone. “It simply came to our notice then. The aim of this event is to point out that quality underwear should be available to every woman, “she told the daily Aha! Aneta. They joined her Lenka Zahradnická (35), Jana Švandová (73) and Jitka Sedláčková (59).

“It never occurred to me that I would take pictures of my underwear, so I’m still surprised. And 55 plus doesn’t have to be disgusting yet, if your boy has taste! ”Sedláčková commented. “The girls were absolutely thrilled. I don’t think they were here for the last time, “Krejčíková praised herself. According to her, age and figure are not important, but for the woman’s underwear to fit. “My breasts grew at thirteen. Since then, I’m looking for a bra that will suit me so that I feel good. In short, those breasts need support, “Aha confided! Aneta.

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