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Cédrick Andrée with the Senators?

He trains at the Minto complex up to six times a week. When outdoor hockey games were still permitted, he could even be seen in full equipment on the rinks in his former neighborhood of Orleans.

Cédrick Andrée begins to be desperate. At 20, he should be enjoying his final year of junior hockey with the Ottawa 67’s. Instead, he’s twiddling his thumbs as he waits to be able to protect a net again in a meaningful hockey game.

His phone rang on Wednesday. He might soon stop moping. What if he becomes the candidate to become the Belleville Senators’ third goalie? The offer of this professional trial contract had been made to François Brassard, another local goalkeeper, but the latter accepted a two-part contract from the Hartford Wolfpack instead. The ball would be in the Orleans goalkeeper’s court now.

Andrée is tailor-made to serve as an insurance policy for Filip Gustavsson and Kevin Mandolese with the Belleville Senators. He’s in the area. He is 20 years old. He has just had two amazing seasons with the Ottawa 67’s, but they remain inactive.

“The (Senators’) call is fresh. I don’t want to talk too much about it right away, but I’m sure I’m interested. I am ready to join a team anytime. I trained with National League players all summer. I’m still on the ice guys from the Ontario League (OHL) and the American League at the Minto complex, the only place open to skaters in the area. ”

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