Brain health, the most prominent of which is … Reasons you will not believe that makes you eat bananas daily

Considered the banana A good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese, bananas are almost free of fat, cholesterol and sodium, your body absorbs vitamin B6 from bananas easily, and a medium-sized banana can provide about a quarter of your daily vitamin B6 needs.

“Healthxchange” website presented the most important health benefits of eating bananas.

Vitamin B6 helps your body to, Red blood cell production, Carbohydrate and fat metabolism and their conversion into energy, amino acid metabolism,

Remove unwanted chemicals from the liver and kidneys.

Bananas may not be associated with Vitamin C But a medium-sized banana will provide about 10% of your daily vitamin C needsVitamin C helps:

Protect your body from cell and tissue damage

Your body absorbs iron better

Your body produces collagen – the protein that holds your skin, bones, and body together

Supporting brain health by producing serotonin, a hormone that influences our sleep cycle, moods, and experiences of stress and pain.

Manganese in bananas is good for your skin

One medium-sized banana provides about 13% of your daily manganese needs. Manganese helps your body produce collagen and protects your skin and other cells from free radical damage.

The potassium in bananas is good for heart health and blood pressure

A medium-sized banana will provide about 320-400 mg of potassium, which meets about 10% of your daily potassium needs.

Potassium helps your body maintain Heart health And blood pressure, in addition, bananas are low in sodium, the combination of low sodium and high potassium helps control high blood pressure.

Bananas aid digestion and help cope with digestive problems

A medium banana will provide about 10-12% of your daily fiber needs, and he recommends eating 20 grams of dietary fiber a day for women and 26 grams for men.

Soluble and insoluble fibers play an important role in your health, soluble fibers help your body control blood sugar and get rid of fatty substances such as CholesterolInsoluble fiber adds weight and softness to your stool, making it easier for you to have regular bowel movements. This helps keep your gut healthy and safe from harmful bacteria.

Bananas, especially freshly ripe ones, contain an indigestible starch (resistant starch) in the small intestine and can pass into the large intestine.


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