Bragin: we will think with goalkeepers. There is a trainer Khabibulin who im like a father

Bragin: we will think with goalkeepers. There is a trainer Khabibulin who im like a father

Head coach of the Russian national team Valery Bragin summed up the match with Germany (6: 1) at MFM-2020.

“When the big score came, they started to play a little wrong, trying to score points. This needs a little fix. And so I will say that we just looked fresher and better played. The opponent played yesterday, and we rested. Quietly went to today’s match.

Before the game, we had a short meeting and calmly explained that everything was just beginning. They explained that we had not four games of the preliminary stage, but three. And today there was already a playoff match. It was necessary to calmly go out and play.

Lots of deletions? Yes. Yesterday we talked again. But once again I will say that the bill allowed. On the other hand, a minority played and did a good job. Missed nothing.

Did most installations work? You saw it yourself. In terms of tactics. Especially two periods, everything went fine. And the third period has already gone like this … Someone wanted to score, someone began to play more on themselves. He was no longer decisive.

The idea to break the St. Petersburg link worked. Changed, because the central striker there need a little different qualities.

What’s next with goalkeepers – we’ll think. There is a goalkeeper coach Khabibulin, who is like a father to them. We will discuss and make a decision.

Moving is a little uncomfortable. Tomorrow we will have a training there. Let’s see, ”the correspondent of the“ Championship ”Elena Kuznetsova conveys the words of Bragin.

They took out the Germans, almost like Canada! The Russian team is ready to fight for the MFM medals

The main character of the meeting was Kirill Marchenko, who scored 5 points.

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