Home News Braga couple puts bank Santander Totta, Estado and TVI in court

Braga couple puts bank Santander Totta, Estado and TVI in court

The proposal for a new regulation for the municipal market, which is discussed this Monday, at a meeting of councilors of the Braga House introduces several amendments, the first of which – said the Councilor Olga Pereira – relates to “the full-time activity from Monday to Saturday, ending with the intermittent exercise in the old market ”.

“With the exception of producer traders who will occupy terraced places and who will only be present on the market when and while they have product for sale, the remaining spaces will have a permanent daily occupation, from Monday to Saturday,” he said.

On the other hand, – he added – “the conditions have been created so that, in the new spaces, it is possible to complement the existing offer, namely in the areas of restaurants and interior stores”.

“We hope that operators of gourmet products, regional specialties, organic or ecological products, prepared and ready-to-eat dishes, restaurants and others will be aware of this new offer in the city,” he said.

Strong image

On the other hand, “the objectives set demand a strong and common image, so all market operators will be conditioned to the plan that will be announced soon and will be identified”.

The allocation of spaces will be carried out by public procedure in two phases. A first one reserved exclusively for historical traders and a second open to the whole market.

Butchers will have at their disposal kitchens, cutting and smoking rooms and all traders will have lockers to store their own goods.

Olga Pereira emphasizes, by the way, that the Municipality “sees the Municipal Market as an engine for the economic, social and cultural development of the city, which is why it has made the rehabilitation of this equipment a priority”.

“The market will now have to adapt to the new demands for modernization and competitiveness and the proposed regulation is a starting point from this”, he emphasizes.

In conclusion, he states: “The municipality will take over the management of the market and will drive the changes necessary to combine fresh produce supply and diversity of supply, maintaining the tradition of the market, reconverting and adapting its operation to new requirements” .


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