Brady’s Buccaneers suffer an overtime loss to the Browns

The superstar probably imagined it differently. Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still beaten by the Cleveland Browns 17:23 overtime.

After returning from the Munich match in Germany, the “Bucs” cannot confirm their performance there.

The Browns got their first score of the game. Schwartz makes it 6-0 with a 31-yard touchdown run, and there’s also the extra point.

Then Brady finds Godwin, here too the extra point makes its way between the posts – 7:7.

2:27 minutes before the end of the first quarter, York puts the Browns back in front with a 51-yard field goal – 10:7 from the home side’s perspective.

Chubb Becomes “Winner of the Game”

The second and third periods bring only scores for the Buccaneers. First Succop can tie it with a field goal, then Kieft and Succop establish a 17:10 lead with a PAT.

Shortly before the end of the game, however, Cleveland managed to tie: Brissett found Njoku, who entered the end zone and thus forced overtime.

There Nick Chubb becomes a great hero. The running back makes the decisive touchdown to win 23:17.

Brady did a good job with 246 yards and two touchdown passes, but it wasn’t enough in the end. The Bucs still remain at the top of the NFC South for now, even though they have a negative 5-6 record.

Jags with surprise success

Jacksonville Jaguars upset Baltimore Ravens. The decision will be made shortly before the end.

Coach Doug Pederson decides the two-point conversion 18 seconds before time runs out – and he hits! Marvin Jones becomes a hero with the deciding touchdown at 28:27.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence put in a strong performance: 321 yards, 29 of 37 attempts and three touchdown passes.

Last games: Philadelphia Eagles – Green Bay Packers 40:33, Carolina Panthers – Denver Broncos 23:10, Miami Dolphins – Houston Texans 30:15, New York Jets – Chicago Bears 31:10, Tennessee Titans – Cincinnati Bengals 16:20 , Washington Commanders – Atlanta Falcons 19:13, Arizon Cardinals – LA Rams 24:25, Seattle Seahawks – Las Vegas Raiders 34:40 (after OT), Kansas City Chiefs – LA Rams 26:10, San Francisco 49ers – New Orleans Saints 1:00 pm.

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