Bradley Cooper, Celebrity | Bradley Cooper ended up in the middle of the knife drama on the subway: – Was an easy victim

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In a new episode of the podcast «Armchair Expert» tells actor Bradley Cooper (46) about a dramatic experience he had at a subway station in New York a few years ago.

Cooper was to pick up his daughter at school when he was suddenly threatened with a knife by a foreign man.

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– I used to walk around New York with headphones on, and stood one day waiting for the subway on my way to pick up Lea at school when I was suddenly threatened with a knife, the actor says.

Furthermore, the 46-year-old says that the incident taught him a lesson.

– Thought it was a nice knife

As a result, the “A Star is Born” star realized that he had become a little too comfortable.

– My guard was down. The headphones take away some of your attention, and at the same time I wore sunglasses and a hat – and stood at the very end of the subway station.

As Cooper stood in his own world, he became an easy victim.

The actor says in the podcast that he barely noticed that someone came towards him, but that he only assumed that someone was going to take the same subway. It was not, however.

– When I turned around, I looked down and saw a knife. I remember I thought it was a nice knife, he says.

Cooper escaped by hitting the man’s arm and leaping. The robber also ran, and the actor managed to snap a couple of pictures with his phone, which he later gave to the police.

Then he went back and took the subway to his daughter’s school to pick her up.

Appointed as a national hero

On Monday night, the singing star Rihanna (33) was awarded an honorary prize from her home country Barbados.

During a ceremony to mark that the country is now a separate republic and no longer part of Britain, the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley (56), appointed Rihanna as a national hero, writes Hollywood Reporter.

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The singing star was even present during the ceremony that took place in her hometown, Bridgetown.

– On behalf of a grateful nation, and an even prouder people, we present you with the award as a national hero in Barbados, Ambassador Robyn Rihanna Fenty, said the Prime Minister when the singer received the award on stage.

May you continue to shine like a diamond, and bring glory to your nation through your words and actions, the Prime Minister added, referring to the Rihanna song “Diamonds”.

Rihanna is the eleventh person to be awarded the title of National Hero of Barbados. Only one other woman has received the appointment before her, writes Hollywood Reporter.

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Rarely shares a picture of the children

Julia Roberts (54) is known for being very private, and has, among other things, shielded the children from the public eye.

Therefore, many were probably surprised when she on Monday shared a picture of the twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter on Instagram on the occasion of their 17th birthday the same day. The picture is from the twins were babies, and Roberts writes:

«17 of the sweetest years of life».

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The actor’s husband, Daniel Moder (52), has also shared a tribute to the twins

“Thank you for helping me with fatherhood”, he writes.

Roberts and her husband have three children together, the twins and 14-year-old Henry Daniel (14).


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