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KOMPAS.com – The government through the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) has disbursed MSME Direct Cash Assistance (BLT).

Registration BLT UMKM or better known as Productive Banpres or Micro Business Productive Assistance ( BPUM) is open until the end of November 2020.

BPUM is an assistance provided to small and medium micro enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia.

The amount is IDR 2.4 million and is given in one disbursement.

The quota of recipients provided is 3 million people.

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Deputy for Financing of the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises Hanung Harimba Rachman said that BPUM registrants have exceeded the quota of 3 million people.

“Actually if our data is already more than the recipients. Of the 28 million data that came in, that is clean and clear already 15 million, “he said when contacted Kompas.com, Thursday (29/10/2020).

From the data entered, his party will prioritize vulnerable groups.

They are, among others, people who live outside Java or who have micro businesses (small businesses) and can prove their business.

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Then how to select BPUM recipients?

Hanung explained that the whole selection process consisted of manual and automatic using the system.

“Selection uses the information system we use, namely rule base, according to our criteria, “he said.

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The selection process is as follows:

1. Check the applicant

Hanung explained that his party first checks the recipients of aid.

The proposer in question can be in the form of cooperatives and UMKM offices, cooperatives with legal entities, ministries / institutions, and so on.

“From these data we check the applicant according to our criteria,” he said.

He continued, the cooperative that is proposing it must also be a legal entity. In addition, banks or government program credit channeling institutions are also checked.

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2. Verify using the system

Furthermore, the incoming data is verified using the system. For example, the verification carried out by the system is like the NIK.

Hanung explained that the NIK was checked whether the writing was correct (no letters, 16 digits in number, blank column or not, etc.), was proposed by other institutions or not, had banking credit / People’s Business Credit (KUR) or not.

“Second, we enter the data into our information system, so we verify it based on the system, based on criteria. The NIK is correct or not,” he said.

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Hanung said as much as 30 percent of the data submitted to receive multiple BLT UMKM, meaning that the person concerned also proposed receiving assistance to other institutions.

“30 percent is more or less multiple, so those who propose are more than one institution, so we just choose one proposer,” he said again.

Then to check whether you are borrowing credit from an institution or not, check it through the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“Sometimes we use manual too, so that it looks like civil servants are not (in the KTP column),” said Hanung.

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After all data is checked and the recipient is determined, his party makes a Decree (SK).

“After we check, then we get a SK, right. Then we convey it to the finance ministry. Then distribute the funds to channeling banks then create accounts and so on,” he said.

“In this disbursement process there is also a verification process, which is called know your customer,” said Hanung.

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3. Verification of the channeling bank

Hanung added, the verification process is also carried out at the bank.

Prospective beneficiaries will be checked by the bank using their KTP.

The bank, he added, would see whether the person who took the benefit fund was in accordance with the identity on the KTP or not, whether the status was a civil servant or not, and so on.

“After that, we ask the person concerned to make a statement that the data submitted is correct,” he added.

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KOMPAS.com/Akbar Bhayu Tamtomo
Infographic: SME requirements for BLT Rp 2.4 million


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