BPJS Kesehatan Class 1-3, What if you can’t afford to pay?


Social Security Administering Bodies or BPJS Health has set a new fee that will be applied as of 1 July 2020. The amount of BPJS Health contributions is determined based on Presidential Decree Number 64 of 2020.

“In pandemic conditions, the risk of illness will worsen the economic condition of the community. The government is trying to ensure that participants remain in an active condition,” said the Head of Public Relations. BPJS Health M Iqbal Anas Ma’ruf was quoted from the BPJS Health website.

1. Class 1 BPJS Health Rp. 150 thousand

2. Class 2 BPJS Health Rp. 100 thousand

3. Class 3 BPJS Health Rp. 42 thousand.

For the third class, participants only pay Rp. 25,500 and the remaining 16,500 will be borne by the government for 2020. The amount of BPJS Health contributions that have only been applied as of 1 July 2020 is for participants who do not receive wages (PBPU) and non-workers (BP).

Participants do not need to worry if they feel burdened by contributions BPJS Health, so that they cannot pay. People can descend class according to their ability to pay BPJS Health contributions.

“For grade 1 and grade 2 participants, if participants feel they are unable to pay with the new contribution scheme, BPJS Kesehatan will facilitate adjustments or change classes according to their abilities,” said Iqbal.

Here’s how to change classes BPJS Health:

1. Through the BPJS Health Care Center 1500 400

2. Via mobile customer service

3. Through the Mobile JKN application

4. Come directly to the office BPJS Health.

Iqbal hopes that people will have social protection including health insurance with an active participation status. This condition guarantees health protection and habits when people are sick.

The government wants to ensure that health services for JKN-KIS participants are not hampered, even though they are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. BPJS Health of course, continue to improve and improve services to participants.

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