BPJS Health Contributions in 2020 are borne by the Government, These Participants are entitled to Get

Illustration of BPJS Health (Source: (Kompas.com/Retia Kartika Dewi))

JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – The Ministry of Finance officially issued a policy regarding the implementation of payment of contributions BPJS Health contributions for Participants Receiving Donation Assistance (PBI), Non-Recipient Workers (PBPU) and Non-Workers (BP) with service benefits in class III treatment rooms by the Central Government and / Local Governments.

In the policy signed by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani dated 30 June 2020, said that the central government bears the costs BPJS Health contributions for PBI participants Health Insurance (JKN) in the 2020 period.

While the local government has just begun to bear the costs of PBI participant contributions JKN the following year or 2021.

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The policy is contained in article 2 and article 3 of PMK No. 78 of 2020, quoted from Kontan.co.id on Thursday (2/7).

From this rule, Article 2 of this Ministerial Regulation regulates the implementation of payment of contribution assistance by the Central Government.

Also the payment of PBI Participant Contribution payments, PBPU Participant Contributions and BP Participants with service benefits in class III treatment rooms, and Contribution Assistance by the Local Government.


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