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Boyko Borisov’s Involvement in Most Viewed PIK Videos of the Year

There cannot be a ranking for hit videos without the participation of Boyko Borisov! As many as five PIK clips, in which Borisov either participated or his name was involved, became the most viewed during the year.

The first is from April 26 – the time when negotiations were held between GERB and PPDB for the future composition of the assembly. Borisov had to sit down at the negotiating table with the people who arrested him.

On the other side were Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev, who were accused by the GERB leader of being drunkards and eating crystal pizzas. After the PIK’s repeated questions about how it is possible to sit down at the same table for negotiations after such insults, Borisov said that he and Petkov had forgiven each other.

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In the following video, Borisov is not present, but his name is involved. We are talking about a clip from the morning block of Nova TV, where the presenters Viktor Nikolaev and Mira Ivanova comment on the negotiations on the composition of the assembly.

Offended by Borisov’s attitude towards journalists who show interest in the negotiations, they threatened him that there was an option to stop covering GERB.

Borisov ranked in the ranking for the most viewed videos of PIK and with two appearances from the pre-election campaign for the local elections. In the first, he reveals his unsuspected talent – it turns out that the former prime minister excels in higher mathematics.

And in another of his pre-election appearances from Sozopol, Borisov remembered with sadness the great Prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov.

The last clip with the participation of the leader of GERB, which made it into our ranking of the most watched during the year, is related to Borisov’s admission that he settled on Anton Hekimyan as a candidate for mayor of Sofia, because his favorite did not have a seat. And we all know that we are talking about the former football player Stiliyan Petrov.

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