Boy throws a tantrum at the airport, suitcases “fly”


As a new year begins, a boy kicks it in with an uncontrollable tantrum and causes a ruckus in an airport.

Reported by and wife travel and arrive at the airport Melbourne. They are not alone. They were accompanied by their son who is less than 10 years old.

After getting off the plane, this family rushed to rescue luggage. There you can see a carousel (carousel) spinning with many suitcases on it.

These suitcases are coming out airplane. Suddenly, this kid throws a tantrum and starts a riot. He stepped onto the moving baggage carousel.

With full strength, the boy was seen jumping and running on the antsuitcases of figs. Other passengers who saw this recorded the boy’s actions.

The mother who was very tired could only yell at her son.

“Get down, get out of there now,” cried the mother.

But the boy kept jumping, continuing the riot. The child is also getting annoyed at being scolded. The suitcases that were near his feet flew off and landed on the ground.

“I’m coming down there to get you. Come down,” the mother called.

Seeing this riot, airport officials finally intervened. Through the loudspeakers, the airport scares the boy.

“Hi everyone, parents please check their child who is circling on the baggage carousel. We have security and police to come there. Please take your child out of there,” the official said. airport.

Hearing that the police were coming, the boy immediately got scared. He moved to the side of the baggage carousel and jumped off.

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The police didn’t actually come. The airport just wanted the kid to get scared and get off there.

“Passenger and staff safety is paramount. Anyone who gets on the conveyor belt luggage risk serious injury,” a Melbourne airport spokesman said.

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