Boy Pakorn shows off his childhood pocketbook. The teacher evaluates well. Back hit by the mother. More direct than the sweetheart!

Boy Pakorn shows off his childhood pocket book. That the teacher assessed very well, returned by ‘Mae Ngamthip’, the comments unfolded, full of numbers, strong, more direct than Chakwan Make a celebrity parade, tease comments

Held annually Where the entertainment people will show off the cuteness in their youth On the occasion of National Children’s Day 2021 There are both beautiful and handsome models from childhood, including Ha-Gag, unable to stop laughing, as well as the hilarious hero, Boy Pakorn, who often finds funny moments to make fans laugh at various festivals.

By this time ‘Boy’ did not post pictures of his childhood like other stars. But turned into a picture of a childhood handbook When he was in Grade 4 and Secondary 6 instead

But that makes many people very funny When seeing the comments of Mae Ngamthip Chatborirak, the mother of the young Boy Pra, said that it was extremely full, until Boy even teased that ‘write more directly than Chom Khwan’ again.

In which the boy was studying high school year 4, semester 1, mother estimated that Good responsibility But not using my free time Like to play only on the phone Attention, schooling is not as good as it should be. Back from school, no homework Relationship with other people in the house And character

As for Mathayom Suksa 4, Semester 2, the mother estimated that Responsibility at home, fair When I have free time, I don’t read or do homework. But the study attentiveness is reasonably good Characteristics need some improvement And relationships with people at home

In addition, Boy also boasted of his academic performance in Grade 6, which was said to be quite unusual because Semester 1 received a GPA of 3.58 while Semester 2 received a soft GPA of 3.72.

Plus teacher evaluation results Completely opposite the mother, which the teacher estimated Good responsibility When I have free time to read and play sports Human relations with teachers and good friends Including the habit of discreet and neat

Mother Ngamthip Therefore briefly commented that Responsibility for fair homework And character Made a close friend, Sai Krian, ‘Great Warinthon’ could not wait to tease that ‘Not so helpful !!!!’ until Boy replied, ‘Don’t have to say.’

Thanks Instagram boy_pakorn

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