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American mixed-style fighter (MMA) John Jones, who was detained by Albuquerque police for drunk driving, explained his deed. The words of the 32-year-old athlete are quoted by MMA Junkie.

During the detention, Jones admitted that he was “crazy” due to quarantine. “I just wanted to ride. The first time I got behind the wheel in two weeks. I saw homeless people, talked to them like people, ”he said.

The arrest of the athlete became known on March 26. Jones was released that day. When a soldier was also found firearms. The police responded directly to the sounds of the shot, after which Jones was detained.

Jones is known for playing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is the current light heavyweight champion of the organization and the best UFC fighter without regard to weight categories.

In the last match, he defeated Dominic Reyes with a refereeing decision. The success of Jones caused a lot of controversy among journalists and fans. Refereeing in the fight seemed ambiguous to the public.

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