Bowl, red carpets and a lot of mood in another prom night in Haskovo –

Graduates from three high schools are celebrating their balls tonight in Haskovo.

In the hotel complexes in Kenana Park are the high school graduates from the Language High School “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”and the Financial and Economic High School“ Atanas Burov ”. In a restaurant on Osvobozhdenie Boulevard, the graduates of the Raina Knyaginya Vocational School of Light Industry are celebrating. There will be two more balls in Haskovo on Wednesday.

182 graduates of the Language High School celebrate their star ball

182 graduates of the Language High School “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”celebrate their ball tonight.

Boryana Guncheva

The elegant high school seniors arrived mostly in shiny limousines. Boryana Guncheva, who was chosen to represent Haskovo at Miss Bulgaria, came to her prom in a retro car. A high school graduate arrived with a tow truck, and there were many motorcyclists.

The 7 classes entered their restaurant on the red carpet, led by the principal Deyan Yanev and their classes. A fireworks display is scheduled for later in the evening.

A huge limousine and a truck with firewood brought graduates to the FSG ball

A huge limousine brought Asime and her friends to the ball of FSG “Atanas Burov”.


Ani Assenova and Tihomir Slavov arrived in a truck loaded with wood. Luxury cars predominated.


After gathering at the entrance to Kenana, the beautiful graduates marched to their restaurant. The celebrating young people entered the complex on the red carpet, led by the principal Tsanko Tsankov and their class teachers.

The FSG graduated 124 high school graduates, divided into five classes – Economic Informatics, Operational Accounting, Banking, Customs and Tax Administration and E-Commerce.

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Fashion designers and hairdressers graduated from high school in light industry

47 high school graduates from two classes are celebrating their prom tonight in a restaurant on Osvobozhdenie Boulevard.

HoneyThe seniors first gathered in the center of Haskovo, then headed to the complex where the celebration took place. The graduates are fashion designers and hairdressers. Their class teachers are Nezabravka Nikolova and Galya Atanasova.

Excellent students are Magdalena Dobreva, Tina Stefanova and Gamze Suleiman. Some of the graduates have already left for Austria and England, where they work as hairdressers.

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