Bow Melada slams netizens insulting her father. It will be too much – post today, entertainment news.

Bow Melada slams netizens insulting her father. Fire .. will be too much.

January 15, 2021 at 2:14 p.m.

Bow Melda can’t stand it! Hit back, netizens rebuked their parents strongly. Fire .. will be too much.

Can’t you stay well? Causing the female heroine Bow Melda to lose patience with a short keyboard After not extending the contract with the way, see the drama stream, move the channel Being teased to be harassed and not stopped But did not respond back

Recently, the bow girl can’t really let go. When the Green Keyboard cursed in Aiglam to his father Causing the person to reply that …

“You’re going to be too much, damn me, but don’t interfere with my parents.”

At this event, fans came to help counter and suggested collecting evidence to sue for defamation.


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