Bow attack in Norway: new details

The Norwegian police revealed new details of the attack with a bow

The attacker lost his bow and arrows, and committed the murders with two knives, law enforcement officials believe.

In Norway, the police rejected the previous hypothesis that during the attack in Kongsberg used a bow and arrow. About it informs NRK broadcaster on Monday 18 October.

Police Inspector Per Thomas Omholt spoke about the progress of the investigation. Law enforcement officers talked with 140 people to recreate the picture of events, 60 people were officially interrogated. Now the police believe that the attacker lost or lost his bow and arrows, and committed the murders with the help of two knives.

“In Hittegat, he killed five people with knives, both at private addresses and in public places. So far, everything indicates that these victims are accidental,” Omholt said.

He added that arrows and bows were also used in the attack, but as a result of their use, the victims were injured, while knives were used for killing.

It is noted that in addition to the five killed, three people were injured.

In turn, the accused of the assault, a 37-year-old man, was interrogated three times by the police in the past week. The attacker admits the attack, but it is not yet clear how he will respond to the allegations. At the same time, interrogations indicate that the man thought about the attack “a few days” before him. Now the man is in a closed healthcare facility. The police will conduct new interrogations when possible.

Recall that earlier in Poltava a girl from a crossbow wounded two teachers at the school… Later, the girl who shot – 19-year-old Taisiya Petrova – the court sent him under arrest for two months… At the hearing, she stated that she was allegedly very sorry.

Details of the teachers’ crossbow case have emerged

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