Both the number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals and the prevalence of the disease are increasing The news

Both the number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals and the prevalence of the disease are increasing

Riga, Sept. 11, LETA. In Latvia, 419 new cases of Covid-19 infection were detected during the day and information on five deaths was received, according to information compiled by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

The prevalence of Covid-19 in Latvia is growing rapidly – the two-week cumulative morbidity rate has increased from 238.4 yesterday 247 to cases per 100,000 population today.

Of all detected cases, 351 or 83.8% had not been vaccinated or had not completed the vaccination course, while 68 infected had been vaccinated.

Last day, 40,979 Covid-19 examinations were performed in Latvia. The proportion of positive cases against those tested was 1%.

To date, Covid-19 has been laboratory approved in Latvia by a total of 146,000 people, but 2,607 have died from the disease.

Three of those who died last day were between the ages of 60 and 69, one between the ages of 70 and 79 and another between the ages of 90 and 99.

According to the calculations of the agency LETA, in 14 days in Latvia a total of 4677 people became infected with Covid-19, but the rest are considered to be infected. The last time the country had more than 4,000 cases in two weeks was on June 4.

37 Covid-19 patients were admitted to Latvian hospitals during the day, with the total number of inpatients increasing from 226 to 238, according to current information provided by the National Health Service.

This is the largest number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in a single day since June 6.

19 Covid-19 patients were discharged from medical institutions last day.

Currently, 214 Covid-19 patients with moderate course of disease and 24 with severe course of disease are treated in Latvian hospitals. Thus, 10% of those hospitalized have a severe course of the disease.


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