Both Niemann and Carlsen are to be investigated after the chess fight – VG

ACCUSATION NIEMANN OF Cheating: Magnus Carlsen’s allegations against Hans Niemann are among those now being investigated by the International Chess Federation.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) will launch an investigation into chess rivals Magnus Carlsen (31) and Hans Niemann (19).


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It is confirmed by Wedding ring in a press release Thursday night. The background of the investigation is the chess drama of recent weeks, where Carlsen has accused his American opponent of cheating.

It was a member of the Fides Fair Play Commission who was the first to confirm the upcoming investigation t-online. Both Carlsen and Niemann will be investigated by the association.

– Is there sufficient evidence to justify an allegation of fraud? If we conclude, we will apply an adequate sanction through the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission of Fide. However, we will also investigate whether there have been any false allegations in the case, says Fide’s Klaus Deventer.

In the statement, Fide writes that they will collect and analyze data and evidence and analyze the claims made public.

– On behalf of the chess community, we ask people to avoid speculation about the outcome and possible penalties in the case before all the facts in the case have been evaluated and a proper investigation has been conducted, says the board member of the Fair Play Commission Salomeja Zaksaite.

If Carlsen is found guilty of false charges, he could risk being banned from the game. Fines are also a possible punishment, but they are unusual, according to Deventer.

– A player of his qualities actually destroys his own professional foundation, says Deventer.

Neither FIDE nor Henrik Carlsen, Magnus’ father and manager, answered VG’s questions.

accused of treason: Hans Niemann.

It was earlier this week that Carlsen made direct accusations against Niemann.

“I think Niemann cheated more – even recently – than he publicly admitted,” the Norwegian wrote in a statement.

The background of the dispute between the two began when Carlsen withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup earlier this month. It happened the day after he lost to Niemann.

“His progression was unusual and throughout our Sinquefield Cup game I got the impression that he wasn’t even nervous or fully focused on the game in a critical position, while with the black pieces he beat me in a way that I mean only one to a handful of players succeed, “Carlsen wrote in the statement.

During a subsequent match between them on the Champions Chess Tour, Carlsen retired after only one move. A demonstration against Niemann, against which he said he will never play again.

La Fide previously criticized Carlsen for withdrawing from the party.

– We believe that the world champion has a moral responsibility linked to his status as he is seen as a global ambassador of the game. His actions affect his peers’ reputation, achievements and can be devastating to the sport. We believe there were better ways to handle this situation, FIDE wrote the press release.

In recent weeks, a number of chess experts have been examining Niemann’s previous games and uncovered what they believe to be a series of suspicious moves.

– I find it absolutely overwhelming. Others are arriving every single day. When there is as much as there is now, it is no longer interesting to discuss individual moves, says NRK chess expert Atle Grønn, who is of the clear opinion that Niemann is guilty of a lot of cheating.

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