Boss Xbox impressed with DualSense controller

At the launch of the new consoles, both Microsoft and Sony seem to have a trump card. The Game Pass exists for the Xbox, which gives you access to a huge library of games. Sony is showing off a new controller called DualSense, which tries to steal the show with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This seems to have worked for Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The DualSense is praised for its innovation and capabilities. Especially the game Astro’s Playroom is an excellent showcase of what the controller offers. Interesting, says Spencer.

In an interview with The Verge, the policymaker said that he applauded the controller. Spencer indicates that companies have to learn from each other through these kinds of innovations to force each other to the limit. The Nintendo Wii also sparked innovation at launch, which ultimately inspired Sony and Microsoft to develop PlayStation Move and Kinect. The question is whether Microsoft will also come up with a new controller within the new generation of consoles.

Source: Gamespot


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