“Boss in disguise”, a refined form of covert advertising

There is no doubt that the linguistic treatment given to the incognito Boss patient was successful: the story flows more fluidly and the presence on site of Max Giusti contributes not a little to liven up the episodes (Rai2, Tuesday, 21.20). As known Boss incognito has all the appearance of a surprise: the cameras arrive in a company under a pretext. A documentary is being made for Rai to help relocate some people who have lost their jobs due to Covid, subjecting them to a week-long training. The protagonist of the second episode was Carlo De Riso, director of Costieragrumi, a leading company in the production of Costa D’Amalfi Igp lemons. He married Anna, from a noble family, despite the hostility of the lady’s family (they only changed their minds when Carlo, the king of limoncello, set up the business). They shaved him to zero, put a beard on him and sent him to work among his workers (despite the make-up and wig, one worker recognized him).

The ending is always the same: the entrepreneur shows himself understanding, illuminated and full of humanity and reward checks. The workers, net of a few small mistakes, are all hard workers and often have moving stories behind them. Never found one to steal or to be a lazzarone! Now, without being moralistic and shouting scandal, it is clear that the program should be called Incognito Advertising. We are facing a two-hour show that would suit all companies: in technical terms it is called branded content. No problem if this program (which, I repeat, not bad) was broadcast on commercial TV, but here we are on a so-called public service network and, at the very least, the viewer should be warned at the beginning that we are facing to a refined form of advertising.

16 September 2020 (change September 16, 2020 | 19:52)



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