Boss B does not know whether he will be making new music with Lange Frans | NOW

Rapper Baas B will release his first solo album on Friday That good new time from. He does not know whether he will ever make music again with Lange Frans, with whom he was reunited in 2019 after years of arguing.

The two sang together in the talk show, among other things Beau, but after that the cooperation came to a standstill, partly because of the corona crisis.

That Lange Frans has recently been mainly concerned with conspiracy theories in his podcast, has not escaped Baas B, he tells the AD. “I disagree with his statements and do not want to be associated with them, but we are friends,” said the 38-year-old rapper, whose name is actually Bart Zeilstra.

“I don’t know if we will do anything together again, we just haven’t made any agreements about that yet. I want to make more albums in the coming years, produce music myself and stay as happy as I am now. From 2019 I finally had it feeling that I was the Bart I wanted to be. Playful, spontaneous, humorous, positive. “

As a duo, Lange Frans and Baas B scored hits like Moppie, Pointless in The country of. Boss B ended the collaboration after three albums, because he found it difficult to cope with the fame. For example, he suffered from street fear and felt he was being watched everywhere. Tall Frans did not thank him for this and the two did not speak to each other for years.


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