Bosch revolutionizes the charging cable for electric: lightweight and modular | Video

Bosch Flexible Smart Charging Cable is one of those apparently insignificant revolutions in the eyes of those who don’t have to deal with electric car charging every day. Yet, trust me, it changes the cards on the table.

It is a single and modular cable. On the one hand it serves for recharge from home with the Schuko socket at 2.3 kW and the home plug integrates the electronics of temperature control and a residual current device, thus avoiding overloads or overheating. Household cables usually integrate a “box” center where the hardware that manages the communication between the network and the car is housed but, in this case, a development aimed at integrating the miniaturization technologies available in the home, has made it possible to eliminate that encumbrance and that additional weight.

On the other hand, thanks to the plug release system, the same cable can be used on public columns o with a wallbox: plug in the Type 2 connector (in the final version it will be securely locked and theft-proof) and connect to an alternating current station supporting fino a 22 kW AC.

The prototype shown a IAA Mobility 2021 was available with the Type 2 adapter and with the one equipped with Schuko plug, but the manufacturer already plans to make the connectors with the plugs of each country so as to ensure maximum versatility, including the possibility of connecting to single-phase industrial sockets and three-phase.

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