Bosch launches rapid test device for corona virus

New hope in the fight against the virus: The Bosch tech group has developed an analyzer for rapid corona tests. The test cartridges should be available from April. All information in the news blog.

In Germany, public life is largely restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The federal and state governments have banned public contact for more than two people – with some exceptions, for example for families. Governments around the world are setting up aid packages worth billions for the economy. Here you will find the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis.

10:29: Federal President calls for more solidarity in Europe

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier calls for more solidarity in the EU in the corona crisis. “Our view must go further than the next border fence,” said the Federal President in one video message distributed via social networks. It is good that hospitals in Germany are now also treating seriously ill Italian and French patients. “I would like more concrete solidarity in the European spirit.”

10:26 am: Art against long-term isolation of older people

The Greens politician Renate Künast has opposed the proposal to isolate the elderly in the longer term to combat the corona crisis. “You can’t barrack nearly 18 million people without having contact with younger people,” she told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany on Thursday. “It doesn’t work at all in the end.” “The older people from the age of 60 upwards” are also needed by society, added the 64-year-old.

10:21: US infectious disease: Coronavirus could return seasonally

The renowned US expert Anthony Fauci has warned that the new type of corona virus could appear seasonally in the future. Therefore, a vaccine and effective treatment options urgently need to be developed, the head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Fauci said in Washington on Wednesday.

The virus is now beginning to spread in the southern hemisphere, where winter begins, said Fauci. Should there be a “significant outbreak” in the southern countries, the countries in the northern hemisphere “should be prepared for the fact that we will have a second cycle”.

10.16 a.m .: Police: Questions about bans not via emergency call

The Berlin police have asked urgently not to call emergency number 110 with questions about the bans during the Corona crisis. It should be understood that people need many answers, the police tweeted. “But that shouldn’t mean that people in need no longer have a chance to get through our emergency call center.”

People would constantly call and ask questions that would start with “May I …”. Corresponding sentences “currently flood our # emergency call”. As examples, the police mentioned: “Can I chill with my buddies at home?” and “May I hang out with my friends outside?” The answers in each case: No.

10.06 a.m .: SPD rejects postponement of basic pension

The SPD firmly rejects a postponement of the basic pension due to the corona crisis. “The basic pension has been decided and will come into effect on January 1, 2021. We will not cancel this date,” said General Secretary Lars Klingbeil to the Funke Mediengruppe newspapers on Thursday.

Union parliamentary group vice-president Carsten Linnemann had previously demanded that the basic pension be put on hold so as not to put additional strain on companies. Klingbeil said: “Such political games in the crisis are indecent.”

“Throughout Germany these days people stand at the windows and applaud the everyday heroes of the Corona crisis: the supermarket cashiers, the bus drivers, the nurses and nurses. They keep our country going,” emphasized Klingbeil. Wanting to cancel your basic pension now “doesn’t work at all”. The SPD would therefore not reverse the agreements made in the coalition.

10:03 a.m .: Eight countries call for end of sanctions due to corona crisis

Shortly before a special video summit by the heads of state and government of the leading economic powers (G20) on the Corona crisis, the demand for lifting sanctions is growing louder. Russia, China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba insist in a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, as the Russian news agency Interfax reported on Thursday. These punitive measures undermine the fight against the corona virus, it says. The procurement of medical equipment and medication is therefore particularly difficult.

Guterres should work to ensure that sanctions are lifted immediately and completely, the countries wrote in the joint letter. The UN Secretary-General had previously called for all fighting to be stopped worldwide in the face of the pandemic. The USA and Europe, for example, have imposed punitive measures.

10 a.m .: Consumer advocates reject tourist vouchers

There is resistance to the plan to initially only hand out vouchers to canceled flights and package tours. “Vouchers are unfair and costly to protect them from the state,” wrote the mobility expert at the Federal Consumer Advice Center, Marion Jungbluth, on Thursday in the short message service Twitter. So far, consumers have the right to an immediate refund of their money. In the corona virus crisis, representatives of the federal government have taken up industry demands to initially use vouchers to prevent a rapid outflow of cash.

9.52 a.m .: Doctor requests to exempt medical personnel from Polish commuter quarantine

The medical director of the Uckermark Clinic, Rüdiger Heicappell, fears that the new Polish quarantine regulation for commuters to Germany will severely affect his hospital. Around 50 employees are affected by the fact that Poland will send commuters who work in Germany to a 14-day quarantine after their return because of the coronavirus, said Heicappell in the rbb information radio.

Most of them are doctors, but also nurses and midwives. With a total of 140 doctors, the lack of around 50 employees means considerable additional work for the remaining colleagues. Heicappell welcomed the announcement by the Brandenburg state government to provide financial support for commuters to stay in Germany, but also asked on the Inforadio: “They should work to ensure that medical personnel are exempt from the quarantine rule.”

9.47 a.m .: Italian sews protective masks for neighbors and friends

Gisella Pindinello, 79, has already sewed more than a hundred protective masks for her neighbors and friends in Eimsbüttel. The trained seamstress from Racale, a small community in southern Italy, has been in continuous use for around three weeks. In her little Hamburg apartment, Pindinello cuts protective masks out of colorful fabric and rubber loops. She is giving away her “mascherinas” (Italian for “masks”) to everyone who wants to protect themselves from a droplet infection in the corona crisis.

“I saw that there are no more mascherinas in Italy. Then I thought I would buy a little bit of fabric and do it myself,” says Pindinello. The last delivery of fabric was given to her, she says. She has already sewed mouthguards in all sizes and designs – with unicorns and flowers on it, for young and old. Her daughter, who usually runs an Italian restaurant in the house, passes on the masks.

9:33 a.m .: Bosch launches rapid test device for Corona

The technology group Bosch, together with Randox Laboratories, has developed an analysis device for rapid corona tests. The device, called Vivalytic, can diagnose ten respiratory pathogens simultaneously within two and a half hours. The analyzer for the fully automated tests has been available since February, the test cartridges for the Covid 19 pathogen should be available from April after approval. Bosch plans to offer the test devices through medical technology sales partners to laboratories, hospitals and medical practices. The price of the device is about as high as that of competing products. According to a spokeswoman, a cartridge costs a higher double-digit euro amount.

9.30 a.m .: Apple donates millions of respirators

Apple has purchased ten million respirators and is donating them to American medical professionals. Millions of masks are said to go to particularly badly affected regions in Europe, as CEO Tim Cook announced on Thursday night on Twitter. They would be bought from Apple suppliers and the action would be coordinated with local governments, he said.

California-based companies have also been required to provide respirators to their employees since the devastating 2018 forest fires. Facebook recently donated 720,000 masks from this reserve.

9.27 a.m .: Scheuer: Government wants to maintain “stable basic services”

According to Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the federal government is endeavoring to “maintain a stable basic service”. That is “our common goal,” said Scheuer of the “Passauer Neue Presse” on Thursday. He tries to prevent major failures in the wake of the Corona crisis in close coordination with grocery stores, logistics companies, the construction industry and the railways. His ministry was “in close coordination with all parties and actors”.

“For individual product groups, there can currently be occasional empty supermarket shelves,” admitted Scheuer. However, he was assured that the supply as a whole was stable, the minister said, referring to conference calls with the food and drugstores.

9:03 a.m .: Russia suspends all international flights due to Corona crisis

Russia will suspend all international flights as of Friday due to the Corona crisis. According to a government decree published on Thursday, the measure will apply from midnight (Thursday, 10:00 p.m. CET) and for all take-offs and landings on Russian territory. The only exceptions are aircraft that bring Russian citizens stranded abroad because of the corona pandemic.

The number of international connections had already been reduced significantly before. There were only connections between Moscow and other capitals offered by the state airline Aeroflot.

8.37 a.m .: Government expects 2.1 million short-time workers

According to the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the federal government expects around 2.1 million short-time workers in the corona crisis. “We are preparing for this first,” BA board member Christiane Schönefeld told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” on Thursday. “But we also take into account that the numbers could be significantly higher.”

The BA wanted an answer for every scenario, Schönefeld said. However, the authority “does not allow itself to be irritated by the large numbers regarding short-time work and unemployment. Instead, we are working consistently to deploy more and more employees in the crucial places.”

Everything you need to know about short-time work benefits read here.

8.21 a.m .: Chebli appeals to the public in a corona crisis

Berlin State Secretary Sawsan Chebli (SPD) called for support for the weaker in the corona crisis and praised the willingness to help so far. “It is important that people feel that there are people who care, people who listen,” said Chebli of the German Press Agency. It is about people in need, about lonely people, the elderly, people with disabilities, those affected who live financially on the limit or the homeless. “You all need our solidarity now,” said the State Secretary for Civic Engagement and International Affairs. And she is grateful that there are so many people in Berlin, but also in all of Germany, who are ready to help.

7.15 a.m .: Grocery: 700 percent more toilet paper sold

The winners of the corona crisis are the toilet paper manufacturers. Hamster purchases of hygiene articles have massively increased sales. From February to March 2020 is one 700 percent increase Christian Böttcher, spokesman for the Federal Association of the German Food Trade (BVLH), said without giving exact figures.

Toilet paper occupies a special position in Germans’ buying behavior, the spokesman said. Because of the fear that one should not leave the house at some point, people are bunkering. A paradoxical situation arises. Böttcher: “Some don’t know where to put it. Others don’t have enough.”

7 a.m .: Mittelstandsverbund warns of mass extinction of companies despite aid packages

Despite the federal government’s aid packages due to the Corona crisis, the association of small and medium-sized enterprises warns of a mass extinction of its member companies. The situation was “dramatic,” said Eckhard Schwarzer, president of the Mittelstandsverbund, the editorial network of Germany (Thursday editions). Furniture retailers, textile and fashion sellers, shoe stores, DIY megastores with garden centers and many others feared for their existence. The association has 230,000 medium-sized companies from retail and cooperating industries.

“They don’t hold out much longer, and we’re talking about days, not weeks,” warned the association president. It could be too late for many companies before government aid has started and, above all, has been paid out.

6.53: Poll: Corona crisis makes Germans extremely pessimistic

According to a survey, the corona crisis makes Germans more pessimistic than any other event since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in 1949. Only 24 percent are hopeful about the next twelve months, as the Allensbach Institute survey published on Thursday commissioned by ” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “revealed.

In the seven decades in which the institute regularly asked questions about the future prospects in the Federal Republic, this value has never been so low – neither after the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961, during the two oil crises in the 1970s, nor after the attacks on September 11, 2001. The Allensbach demoscopes had determined the lowest “hope level” so far at 27 percent in 1950 at the beginning of the Korean War.

According to the institute’s findings, no other event, like the corona crisis, has changed citizens’ assessment of the economic situation so dramatically within such a short time. At the end of February, a majority expected the economy to remain stable over the next six months. At the beginning of March, the proportion of those who feared a downturn had already risen from 28 to 59 percent. Now this value is more than 70 percent.

6.10 a.m .: German cruise ship anchored with Corona sufferers off Australia

At least seven people have contracted the corona virus on board a German cruise ship anchored off Australia. The Bonn tour operator Phoenix announced that it was five passengers and two crew members. Everyone on board “MS Artania” is doing well, however, and none of the infected people are in a critical health condition. All guests should be flown out of Australia on Saturday with specially chartered planes. According to Phoenix, the ship offers space for 510 crew members and 1,200 – mostly German – passengers.

The head of state of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, said on Thursday that the ship should leave Australian waters immediately. If the seven sufferers had to come ashore for treatment, they would be taken to a facility such as the defense forces. The crew of the ship had asked the Australian authorities for help, 25 passengers on board had difficulty breathing. As a result, Western Australian officials from the health agency boarded and examined the victims.

The ship is known for the ARD series “Crazy for the Sea”. A television team has been accompanying passengers and crew members on their travels across the globe for many years.

The cruise ship “MS Artania”: The head of government of the state of Western Australia said that the ship should leave the Australian waters immediately. (Source: imago images)

4.50 a.m .: US Senate passes trillion stimulus package

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the US Senate has decided to launch a massive stimulus package that will pump around $ 2 trillion into the economy. The legislative package negotiated by Republicans, Democrats and the government was changed on Thursday night (local time) adopted with an overwhelming majority.

4.29 a.m .: FDP calls for public warning system

The FDP has called for a public warning system in order to reach citizens in the corona crisis more quickly. This should be set up at short notice and function on the basis of local SMS or so-called cell broadcasting. The “Handelsblatt” reports, referring to a paper approved by the FDP federal parliamentary group.

With the “cell broadcasting service”, for example, a message can be sent to all the telephones of a provider in a certain area if the users activate the corresponding function in their cell phone beforehand. Such a warning system has the advantage that it is possible to receive and disseminate information “low threshold”, the paper says.

4:12: Left leader of the parliamentary group demands a one-off property tax

The leader of the Left, Dietmar Bartsch, has asked for a one-off tax on large private assets to finance the billion dollar costs in the corona crisis. Bartsch said to the German press agency: “Who will pay for the current crisis? The re-financing of the aid packages has not yet been clarified. It must not be that the new public debt – as after the banking crisis – is paid by the citizens in that way the public infrastructure is saved. “

3.40 a.m .: New York builds a temporary mortuary – number of deaths in the USA rises to over 1,000

In view of the increasing death toll in the Corona crisis, the metropolis of New York has built a makeshift mortuary. The white tents were set up outside of Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, as photos showed and local media consistently reported on Wednesday. The website “Politico”, citing anonymous sources in the Ministry of Homeland Security, reported that the morgues in the east coast city would be expected to reach their capacity limit next week.

New York has by far the most US victims in the corona pandemic with 280 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Nationwide, the number of deaths on Wednesday evening (local time) was around 900. Far-reaching curfews apply to the cultural and economic center. Restaurants, bars, schools, museums and Broadway shows are closed. Here read more about how the pandemic is affecting the city.

In the United States, the number of people killed by the coronavirus exceeded 1,000 on Wednesday. This comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University. Accordingly, more than 1,030 people have now died of Covid-19. More than 68,500 infected have been confirmed.

Workers are apparently building a makeshift mortuary in New York: the number of victims in the metropolis continues to rise. (Source: Reuters / Carlo Allegri)Workers are apparently building a makeshift mortuary in New York: the number of victims in the metropolis continues to rise. (Source: Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

3.30 a.m .: Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem closed due to corona virus

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, one of the most important holy sites in Christianity, has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The closure of the basilica in the old town, which is visited by millions of pilgrims every year, took place on Wednesday due to tightened measures by the Israeli authorities against the spread of the virus.

According to his understanding, the closing of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is initially limited to one week, said a spokesman for the Catholic bishops in the country. He expressed the hope that the holy place would be open again by Easter – in two and a half weeks. According to Christian tradition, the grave of Jesus Christ is in the church.

2.51 a.m .: Helsinki is sealed off for corona virus

The Finnish capital Helsinki, like many other cities in the world, is being sealed off due to the corona virus. The exit and entry bans for the capital region Uusimaa apply from Friday and for at least three weeks, as Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced on Wednesday. Travel for very important reasons, such as the death of a relative or to visit a child living separately, is still permitted. 1.7 million people live in Uusimaa, which is a third of the total population of the Scandinavian country.

So far, there are around 880 confirmed corona infections and at least three pandemic deaths in Finland. More than 500 of the contagions and two of the deaths were recorded in Uusimaa.

2.39 a.m .: Green Group leader: “The basic pension is not a luxury project”

Greens faction leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt has called on the grand coalition to maintain the planned basic pension even in the corona crisis. “The crisis must not turn the coalition backwards on social security issues,” she told the Funke media group’s newspapers. “The basic pension is not a luxury project, but an important building block to protect people from poverty in old age.”

2.30 a.m .: Two Paris airports close

Two of Paris’ three major international airports will be temporarily closed. As authorities and operators announced on Wednesday, the airports of Orly and Beauvais-Tillé are closing. The reason was the drastically reduced operation due to travel restrictions. However, Charles de Gaulle Airport, the largest airport in the French capital, remains open.

Orly’s second largest Paris airport will be closed from March 31. It is not complete: government flights and rescue flights can continue to take place from there and there. In addition, diversions from flights to Orly in emergencies are still permitted.

1.36 a.m .: Number of imported coronavirus diseases in China continues to rise

In China the number of “imported cases” with the corona virus has increased again. As the Beijing Health Commission announced on Thursday, 67 other diseases in people who entered China were detected. In total, China already has 541 such cases. However, as the official figures showed, there were again no local illnesses. In the central Chinese province of Hubei, from where the Sars-CoV-2 virus began to spread worldwide in late 2019, another six people died.

South Korea the number of diseases recorded has risen again slightly. On Wednesday, the Sars CoV-2 pathogen was detected in 104 people, the health authorities said on Thursday. Once again, numerous cases were found among people arriving from abroad. The total number of cases of infection reported rose to 9,241. The number of deaths associated with the virus rose by five to 131.

1:35 am: Volkswagen expects normal production in Germany to return by summer

The German carmaker Volkswagen expects its production, which has been shut down in Germany due to the corona crisis, to return to normal levels by summer. “We expect normalization to return to normal in Germany in the summer,” said VW Brand Board Member Jürgen Stackmann of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

In the United States, Volkswagen has suspended production at its Tennessee plant for another week due to the coronavirus crisis.

1.13 a.m .: Strict exit ban in Spain extended

In Spain, which was particularly hard hit by the coronavirus crisis, the almost 47 million citizens now have to remain largely at home until April 11th. The parliament in Madrid approved an application by the left government to extend the alarm condition by another two weeks early Thursday morning. As part of this third-highest emergency level, a strict exit ban has been in force across the country since March 15.

Despite all the measures taken to slow the spread of the virus, Spain overtook China on Wednesday in the number of deaths. More than 3,400 fatalities have already been counted. After Italy, Spain is the most affected country in Europe. The number of people infected with the Sars CoV-2 virus in Spain rose to almost 48,000 on Wednesday – almost 8,000 more than on Tuesday.

0:30 am: Coronavirus cluster in nursing home: districts under quarantine

Due to the high number of coronavirus infections in a nursing home, two districts in the city of Jessen (Saxony-Anhalt) are quarantined from Thursday morning: Jessen and Schweinitz. The district administrator of the district of Wittenberg has issued a general order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, said the spokesman for the district on Wednesday evening. As of Thursday, 7 a.m., the districts will be closed.

Persons are only permitted to enter or enter if they have their main or secondary residence there and immediately go to quarantine at home. “You can leave the house to get something to eat or go to the pharmacy in the shortest possible way,” said the spokesman.

The reason for the disposition was the critical development in a nursing home, said the spokesman. Since the beginning of the week, eleven residents and five employees of the retirement home have been tested positive for the new corona virus. Three infected residents had to go to the hospital. The “Volksstimme” had previously reported on the outbreak. In the two districts in Jessen there are a total of 41 Corona people. A party in a car dealership is the trigger of the cluster.

00.25: Czech Republic lets health workers travel to Germany

The Czech Republic gives in to the controversial issue of commuters close to the border. Members of the health and rescue services and social services who work in Germany or Austria but live in the Czech Republic are allowed to cross the border every day. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek decided on the basis of requests from the two neighboring countries, his spokeswoman said on Wednesday evening in Prague.

00:25: US expert Fauci warns of a second corona wave

According to a leading US expert, the corona virus could become an annual recurring problem similar to normal flu. It is worrying that the number of known infections is currently increasing in the southern hemisphere, where it is slowly getting colder, said director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, on Wednesday evening (local time) at the White House. It is therefore conceivable that the virus will spread there and then come again from there to the northern hemisphere next winter.

“We have to be prepared,” said Fauci. For this reason, it is now essential to work hard to develop a vaccine and conduct clinical trials to find effective drugs to treat Covid-19 diseases, Fauci said. It is not enough to fight the Sars-CoV-2 virus only now. “We really need to be prepared for a next cycle,” he said. However, current efforts in the United States have made good progress, said Fauci.

In the meantime, US President Donald Trump has asked Congress to quickly adopt the massive stimulus package. He would sign the law as soon as the Senate and House of Representatives approved, Trump said at the White House on Wednesday evening (local time). There were approximately 65,000 known infections and more than 900 deaths from Covid-19 disease in the United States by Wednesday evening.

Thursday, March 26, 00:20: Scholz: Later, state participations in crises are sold at a profit

Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz is banking on being able to sell potential state holdings in companies in the Corona crisis, some of which will be profitable. “Of course, the state does not want to keep the shares in the long term, but to ensure that the company is preserved in the crisis,” said the SPD politician to the Rheinische Post (Thursday). “When the situation has normalized, we want to sell it again. We are betting that the economic recovery will be so great that we will sell it partially at a profit to cover losses in other areas.”

Wednesday, March 25, 11:16 p.m .: Dispute over corona crisis brings government down

In Kosovo, Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s government has not survived a vote of no confidence in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Kurti’s coalition government has only been in office for almost two months. The coalition partners had argued over the political handling of the Corona epidemic. It was initially unclear how the government should continue to do its work since the country cannot hold new elections due to the spread of the lung disease.

11 p.m .: France withdraws soldiers from Iraq due to corona pandemic

France is recovering its soldiers based in Iraq because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the international anti-IS coalition has decided to interrupt the training of Iraqi security forces for the time being, France is withdrawing its forces, the army said on Wednesday evening. The nearly 200 soldiers involved in the training mission should therefore return to France for the time being.

10:51 pm: Considerations for quarantine for air passengers from third countries

In the fight against the spread of the corona virus, Germany is considering sending travelers arriving from non-EU countries into domestic quarantine for two weeks. According to dpa information, the Corona Crisis Cabinet should advise on this matter this Thursday. The newspapers of the Funke media group first reported on it.

10.30 p.m .: Spread of the corona virus in Italy continues to slow down

The spread of the corona virus in Italy has slowed for the fourth day in a row. The number of infections rose by 7.5 percent, which is the lowest increase since the pandemic began, the health authorities said on Wednesday evening. However, there has been a significant increase in deaths in regions with large cities such as Naples and Rome.

In total, 683 new deaths were reported within 24 hours.

10pm: Macron announces military action in “war” against coronavirus

In the face of the corona pandemic, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a special military action. The “Operation Resilience” is modeled on the existing French military action in the fight against terrorism and has the sole aim of supporting the population in the “war” against the deadly virus, the head of state said on Wednesday evening in Alsace, which was particularly affected by the pandemic. He spoke after visiting a newly established military hospital near the city of Mulhouse, which is supposed to relieve the overcrowded hospitals in the region.

Emmanuel Macron has announced a military operation to support the population in the fight against the coronavirus crisis. (Source: dpa)Emmanuel Macron has announced a military operation to support the population in the fight against the coronavirus crisis. (Source: dpa)

Macron called on the French to be united in the face of the crisis: “If you go to war, you do it together, you fight together.” At the same time, the president announced a massive investment program for hospitals. He recognized the achievements of all healthcare workers in the face of the corona crisis. However, these also deserve more respect and appreciation, even outside times of crisis.

9:50 p.m .: British Parliament approves emergency law to combat the corona crisis

The UK Parliament has passed an emergency law to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Deputies in the lower house voted on Wednesday for the law, which gives the police, health authorities and border guards additional powers to curb the spread of the virus. Then the parliamentarians said goodbye to the early Easter break. The next meeting is therefore only scheduled for April 21.

Parliament must “lead by example,” housing minister Robert Jenrick said earlier in the BBC. Given the current curfew, the early parliamentary break is a “reasonable” decision. In the UK, more than 8000 people have now tested positive for the Sars-Cov-2 pathogen, and more than 420 people have died.

9.30 p.m .: Berlin Senate is considering temporary Tegel closure

A temporary closure is emerging for Tegel Airport due to the new type of corona virus. “So I will not make the promise here that, for example, Tegel or another airport branch will not be temporarily closed,” said Berlin’s Senator for Finance Matthias Kollatz (SPD) on Wednesday in the main committee of the Berlin House of Representatives. The rbb had previously reported. Fractional groups said it was currently being examined how quickly the airport company could be released from the so-called operator obligation. The state of Berlin holds a third of the capital city airports Schönefeld and Tegel.

8:45 pm: Over 60,000 corona infections and 850 deaths in the United States

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States has now risen to more than 60,000. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 61,000 infections and around 850 fatalities were confirmed by Wednesday afternoon (local time).

This puts the United States in third place behind China and Italy in the list of countries with the most reported infections.

20:33: Spain: ambulance with Corona patients thrown at stones

Several ambulances with a total of 28 older corona patients were thrown at stones in Spain. The attack had already occurred on Tuesday in La Línea de la Concepción in the south of the country, the Spanish police reported on Wednesday. Dozens of people wanted to prevent the infected and partially Covid-19 pensioners, who come from another municipality, from being transferred to a home in the Andalusian city and put in quarantine there.

8:22 pm: More than 25,000 confirmed infections in France

In France there are more than 25,000 confirmed infections with the corona virus for the first time. Health director Jérôme Salomon said in Paris on Wednesday that the number of cases had increased by 2933 to a total of 25,233 within a day. Accordingly, 1,331 deaths were recorded. Around 11,500 patients would be treated in hospitals nationwide, a good 2,800 of them in intensive care units. A third of the patients in the clinics are younger than 60 years, said Salomon.

7:50 p.m .: Meanwhile more than 200 coronavirus deaths in Germany

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 200 people in Germany have now died from the consequences of the coronavirus. On Wednesday evening at 7:50 p.m. the number of people killed was 205.

6:53 p.m .: European farmers’ association demands open borders from the EU

European farmers are asking the EU to keep the single market open despite the coronavirus epidemic. This is necessary so that the supply of food to consumers can be guaranteed, says Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of the European agricultural umbrella organization Copa Cogeca. Hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers, especially from Eastern Europe, cannot work due to the closed borders. They could not be easily replaced, because some of them are specialized, they often come in well-coordinated teams, explains Pesonen.

6:30 p.m .: Over 7,500 deaths in Italy

In Italy, 7,503 people have died from the corona virus. A further 683 patients with Covid-19 lung disease had died within 24 hours, reports the civil protection authority. The rise is again somewhat flatter. On Tuesday, 743 new deaths were reported after 602 on Monday and 650 on Sunday.

Most deaths since the February 21 virus outbreak came to light were reported on Saturday: 793 in a single day. The total number of infected rose to 74,386 on Wednesday, compared to 69,176 confirmed cases the previous day. Italy is the country most affected by the epidemic worldwide.

6:25 p.m .: Great Britain – Volunteers sign up for healthcare

In the UK, over 400,000 people have volunteered to help the National Health Service fight the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanks the volunteers for their helpfulness at a press conference. The government called on Tuesday evening and expressed the hope that 250,000 people would report in a few days. “But within just 24 hours, 405,000 people responded to the appeal.”

6:15 p.m .: Chancellor Braun: Youngsters are the first to get out

The Federal Government wants to ease the strict restrictions on contacts as a result of the Corona crisis, according to Chancellor-in-Office Helge Braun, for young and healthy people. The CDU politician said on Wednesday in the Jodel social media app: “The next phase is of course: Young people who are not among the risk groups are allowed to take to the streets again.” Read more about this here.

17:47: After the first corona test: Syrian artist sends a greeting to Merkel

In the Syrian city of Binnich, with a population of 50,000, a picture was taken to greet Angela Merkel after the news of the Chancellor’s first negative corona test. “Ms. Merkel, we were pleased with your well-being in Idlib,” wrote the artist Aziz Asmar in somewhat bumpy German about his picture on the wall of a badly damaged building. Merkel holds a heart with the inscription “Binnich” in her hands. In the meantime, the second test by the Chancellor has also been negative.

“Ms. Merkel, we were pleased with your well-being in Idlib,” wrote the artist Aziz Asmar in his picture. (Source: Amen Al-Shami / imago images)

5:30 p.m .: Bolsonaro resists corona virus restrictions

The day after he once again downplayed the corona virus in a television speech and criticized restrictive measures against it, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro again spoke out against restrictions on public life and the isolation of the population. The right-wing politician, who is being advised by neoliberal economics minister Paulo Guedes, based his position on the fact that isolation could lead to an economic crisis and unemployment.

16.55: Chancellor Merkel’s second corona test also negative

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s second test for the corona virus was also negative. This was announced by a government spokesman in Berlin on Wednesday. “The Chancellor continues to work from home quarantine and will be tested again next week.” Merkel had contact with a doctor infected with the coronavirus last Friday.

4.20 p.m .: Merkel and Xi emphasize cooperation in corona crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and China‘s President Xi Jinping have stressed the importance of cooperation in dealing with the corona pandemic. Both are “agreed that the current crisis situation can only be resolved through close international cooperation,” government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Wednesday in Berlin after a phone call. Germany and China remained in close contact.

The heads of state and government of the leading economic powers (G20) – will meet this Thursday for a special video summit on the Corona crisis. This also includes Merkel and Xi. The Chancellor will take part in the switch from home.

3:28 pm: United Nations: “Threat to all humanity”

According to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the coronavirus pandemic is a “threat to all of humanity”. Guterres therefore launched a worldwide UN emergency call to combat the causative agent of the lung disease Covid-19 in the world‘s poorest countries. By the end of the year, 1.8 billion euros should come together.

14.55 p.m .: Putin postpones referendum on constitutional reform due to corona virus

Because of the corona pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin postponed the referendum on a planned constitutional reform that should pave the way for further terms. People should “better stay at home now,” said the head of state. At the same time, he ordered the Russians not to go to work in the coming week to slow down the spread of the virus.

14:18: Until Easter – Spahn wants plan for “public life”

Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to develop a corresponding overall concept by Easter to “make public life possible again in times of the epidemic”. Spahn told the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. This would also include asking the elderly “possibly over a period of several months to severely limit their contacts and, if in doubt, to stay at home.”

It’s not just the citizens who want to return to normal. The federal government is also considering how long a contact ban, as it currently applies due to the corona epidemic, can be sustained in a liberal society. According to Spahn, you will not be able to avoid “digital tracking of contacts, that is, cell phone tracking”.

2.10 p.m .: 21-year-old British woman without previous illnesses dies from coronavirus

In the UK, a 21-year-old has been reported to have died from the coronavirus. The young woman had no previous illnesses, reports the newspaper “The Sun”. The family from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire asked the population on their Facebook account to stay in the house to stop the virus from spreading. The death of the 21-year-old should be seen as a wake-up call to take the pandemic seriously.

1:47 pm: Corona study – How hundreds of thousands of cases could be prevented

Comprehensive school closings, work in the home office for half the population and strict quarantine for sick people and their families: According to a simulation study from Singapore, these three measures could successfully suppress the new corona virus. A major outbreak can be prevented for the time being, at least in Singapore, the researchers write in the journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases”.

For the Southeast Asian city-state, this means in concrete terms: Instead of – as in the worst of the scenarios modeled – 1.2 million people, almost a third of the population, an assumed high infection rate could still affect a quarter of a million people within 80 days with the pathogen Sars- Connect the CoV-2. After all, this corresponds to a reduction of almost 80 percent.

1:47 pm: Entry stop does not apply to caregivers from Eastern Europe, for example

Nurses from Eastern Europe, for example, are not affected by an entry ban for seasonal workers in the Corona crisis. As the Federal Ministry of the Interior explained on request on Wednesday, people without German citizenship may enter Germany for work-related reasons – including health and nursing staff as well as commuters. This has to be substantiated by documents such as employment contracts or order documents. Many employees from Eastern European countries work in nursing in Germany.

1:34 p.m .: First death from corona infection in Bremen

The state of Bremen has reported the first death from a corona infection. The health authorities said on Wednesday that it was a 76-year-old man who had several previous illnesses.

12:23: Spain has more corona deaths than China

The number of corona deaths in Spain has overtaken that of China. According to the Ministry of Health in Madrid on Wednesday, 3,434 people in Spain have died from the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus. Another 738 fatalities were added within a day. Despite the strict curfew imposed eleven days ago, the number of infected rose to 47,610.

After Italy, Spain is the most affected country in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic. 3,281 deaths have been reported in China to date.

11.42 a.m .: Seasonal workers are no longer allowed to enter

In order to slow the spread of the corona pandemic in Germany, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has ordered an entry ban for seasonal workers. Harvest workers and other seasonal workers will be denied entry as of Wednesday at 5 p.m. as part of the existing border controls, a spokesman said on request.

This regulation applies to entry from third countries, from Great Britain, to EU countries such as Bulgaria and Romania, which do not fully apply all Schengen rules, and to countries such as Poland or Austria, “for which internal border controls have been temporarily reintroduced”. These restrictions are “imperative to break chains of infection,” the spokesman added.

11:34 am: About a thousand people infected with corona in German intensive care units

According to the German Hospital Society (DKG), around a thousand corona patients are currently being treated in intensive care units in German clinics. DKG President Gerald Gaß told the newspapers of the Funke media group on Wednesday that a total of between 3,000 and 4,000 corona patients are currently in hospitals, including a thousand in intensive care units.

In the coming days, he expected a significant increase in the number of infections to about 70,000 registered infections, said Gass. He expects the effects of the contact block in the form of a slowdown in the number of infections only from the beginning or middle of next week.

10.30 a.m .: protective masks for corona infected make sense

RKI President Lothar Wieler says about the need to wear protective masks for the mouth and nose that sick and infected people should wear such a mask. The most common way of transmission of the coronavirus is via droplets than through sneezing and coughing. With a mask, the scatter is reduced considerably. In the meantime, protective masks are hardly available commercially.

10.18 a.m .: End of restrictions not in sight

RKI boss Lothar Wieler says that at the moment no statement can be made as to when the existing restrictions in Germany could be relaxed again. The epidemic will surely stay “a few more weeks” in the country. But he was optimistic that the measures would take effect. It is important to keep your distance and that sick people stay at home.

10:10 am: RKI wants to test more people for coronavirus

The RKI is in favor of expanding test capacities in Germany in order to be able to check as many people with symptoms as possible. Comprehensive testing of all people, on the other hand, would burden the resources of the laboratories.

Read more about this topic here.

9.55 a.m .: Drive-in cinema in Essen is still open

In eat have been restaurants, bars, museums and cinemas since March 17th because of the Corona virus closed. However, a single cinema is still open: the drive-in cinema in Essen-Bergeborbeck. The operator “Drive in” has received a special permit for operation.

The operators currently count an average of 250 visitors per evening, reports the “WAZ”, with which they are satisfied. However, there are also some restrictions for the drive-in cinema. According to “Drive in”, only two people are allowed to sit in a car, but own children are exempt. “We will and cannot be an exception,” the operators say online.

The snack bar must remain closed and the box office is closed. Tickets can only be purchased online in advance.

9.53 a.m .: Tailors of the Bonn Opera sew respirators

Although all performances of the Bonn Opera are due to the current Corona crisis Until further notice, the five dressmakers in the costume department still have their hands full. From now on you have set your sights on 1,000 every week Respirators For fire Department and police sewing, the house tells on Twitter.

9.45 a.m .: Scholz swears Germany to a difficult fight

Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sworn Germany into a difficult fight against the coronavirus pandemic. “Hard weeks are ahead of us,” said the Federal Minister of Finance on Wednesday in the Bundestag. The government is doing everything possible to mitigate the consequences of the crisis. “There is no script for that.” The crisis is unprecedented, a fateful challenge for all of humanity. That is why Germany is also on the side of its European partners. Italy and Spain are among the worst affected by the pandemic.

On Monday, the cabinet decided on an aid package with a volume of around 750 billion euros. This includes a supplementary budget of 156 billion euros, which is to be financed entirely from new debts. “That is a gigantic sum,” said Scholz, almost half of a normal household. The SPD politician, however, referred to the solid budget policy in recent years. “We can afford that.” Nevertheless, the current sums cannot be leveraged from the reserves.

You can read everything about the Bundestag debate here in the live blog.

9.42 a.m .: RKI wants to comment on new figures

At 10 a.m., the Robert Koch Institute makes a statement on the development of the latest corona infections.

9.22 a.m .: Chinese students flee from the USA on private jets

Coronavirus infection in the United States is driving Chinese students out of the country. Parents with enough money get a private jet for their offspring as more and more charter flights between China and the United States are canceled. A seat on a flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, for example, costs $ 23,000, according to the company Air Charter Service. In the United States, the number of infections is currently skyrocketing, while in China there are no new infections, according to official government data.

8.30 a.m .: Vietnam no longer exports rice

Vietnam is stopping its travel exports for the time being to ensure the food supply of its own population. Both the corona pandemic and a severe drought and salt water intrusion into the Mekong Delta in the south of the country are cause for concern, the government in Hanoi justified the move late Tuesday evening.

Food could become scarce, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc warned in a statement. He also ordered the country to buy additional rice supplies. Customs in the Southeast Asian country instructed provincial authorities not to authorize travel exports as of Wednesday.

In the Mekong Delta, salt water has penetrated local rivers further than usual this year and threatens the water supply for agricultural production. This affects the rice farmers in the region in particular. According to reports from the state media, climate change and the construction of dams upstream in China have exacerbated the problem.

6.49 a.m .: Democrats and Republicans agree on stimulus package

In the United States, the way is clear for the largest stimulus package in recent history to alleviate the devastating economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Democrats and Republicans have agreed, Senate leader Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell told journalists on Wednesday. Senators from the two major parties had negotiated the last details until the very end. The US President said on Tuesday (local time) in the White House that the Coronavirus stimulus package prepared by the Congress and the government has a volume of around $ 2 trillion.

6.26 a.m .: 100 meter radius: Israel tightened exit restrictions

Israel has further tightened exit restrictions in the country due to the spread of the corona virus. According to media reports, the Israeli government decided on further emergency measures on Wednesday night: According to this, people should generally only move from their homes within a radius of up to 100 meters. Exceptions include essential jobs, grocery shopping and medical treatments. Banks and petrol stations should remain open. However, public transport is to be severely restricted and sporting activities are prohibited. The new instructions should take effect on Wednesday evening.

6.23 am: Meuse warns of “national selfishness”

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called for more international solidarity in the fight against the corona pandemic. “The result of the national efforts that are now required of all of us must not be a spiral of national selfishness,” said the SPD politician of the German Press Agency before the consultations planned by the G7 foreign ministers on Wednesday. “The priority for the Federal Government is to coordinate our actions with partners worldwide and to show solidarity wherever we have scope.”

The foreign ministers of seven leading western industrialized countries are joining forces for a four-hour video conference on Wednesday afternoon. The rapid spread of the corona virus will be one of the main topics. Italy is currently the country most affected by the G7. The World Health Organization says the United States could become the new epicenter of the pandemic.

“Only a few countries have been hit by the outbreak of the corona virus, like the G7 countries,” said Maas of the dpa. “Anyone who now sees the challenge this crisis will pose to the G7 states despite all the economic power and the concentrated medical know-how can work out how serious the consequences can be elsewhere.”

4.41 a.m .: India prohibits export of a promising medicine

The Indian government bans the export of the drug hydroxychloroquine. Experts are currently testing the malaria drug for its effectiveness in treating patients infected with COVID-19. Earlier this week, the US pharmaceutical association ASHP said hydroxychloroquine was scarce.

4.35 a.m .: Up to five years in prison for disregarding quarantine in Italy

The Italian government has drastically increased penalties for violating the exit restrictions due to the Corona pandemic. Anyone who tested positive for the corona virus and deliberately failed to comply with the quarantine requirement and left the apartment could be sentenced to prison from one to five years, according to a government decree published in Rome on Tuesday evening. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had already threatened higher fines of 400 to 3000 euros. So far, a penalty of EUR 206 has been threatened for offenses, and detention of up to three months was also possible. The decree presented by Conte provides that regional authorities in the fight against the virus may temporarily take their own measures, as the prime minister announced.

Italy’s police have controlled more than two million people since the March 10 bans were imposed. There were more than 100,000 ads for violations, the Ansa news agency reported. For example, people were checked who are trying to travel south from the north, which is severely affected by Covid 19 disease, to holiday homes and to families. That is not allowed. Athletes also go jogging or people visit friends. However, you can only leave the apartment if, for example, you absolutely have to go to work, to the doctor or to go shopping.

The number of people who tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen in Italy rose to more than 69,000 by Tuesday. The measures against the spread of the virus apply until April 3. Conte said rumors of an extension until the end of July are completely wrong.

4.30 a.m .: Situation in German intensive care units still relatively relaxed

According to information from intensive care physicians and the German Hospital Society (DKG), the situation on the German intensive care units is still relaxed overall, but varies greatly from region to region. For three weeks now, the clinics have been busy preparing for the crisis. There is a particularly shortage of nursing staff and protective equipment. Here read the entire message.

4:00 am: Death of a teenager raises the alarm in the USA

In the United States, the first known death of a minor caused by the novel corona virus raises the alarm. The late teenager from Lancaster, north of Los Angeles, was “in good health” before becoming infected with the virus, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Tuesday. The authorities did not provide any information on the sex and exact age of the deceased minor.

Garcetti and other officials appealed to young people in California to take existing exit restrictions seriously. “This can affect you too,” Garcetti said of the corona virus. The pathogen “makes no difference in age, race or income level,” said Los Angeles chief health official Barbara Ferrer.

3.20 a.m .: Nine dead in the home: those responsible express themselves in Würzburg

After nine deaths in nursing home residents from a Würzburg retirement home infected with the novel corona virus, those responsible go public today. In addition to the medical director of the Würzburg University Hospital, Professor Georg Ertl, Würzburg’s Mayor Christian Schuchardt (CDU) and District Administrator Eberhard Nuß (CSU) will also take a stand.

3.15 a.m .: Greens call for German help for Italian companies

In the Corona crisis, the Greens in the Bundestag demand that Germany also support small and medium-sized companies in Italy, which is particularly affected. In a motion by the parliamentary group for the Committee on Budgets this Wednesday, Germany, as an economically strong country, should – if possible together with France – use the KfW promotional bank to “financially” support small businesses in Italy during this emergency period are trying to get other development banks from the EU member states on board.

KfW should “offer a global loan of over a billion euros to the Italian development bank Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) as a starting point”, for which the federal budget should be liable, the application said. The CDP should not grant the loans itself, but should pass them on to local commercial banks, which in turn should help the companies quickly and without red tape.

3.13 am: Kubicki defends rapid pace in the Bundestag – stabilize the country

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki has defended the passing of far-reaching laws against the consequences of the corona crisis in an emergency. “We have a situation in which legal foundations have to be created quickly so that the executive remains capable of acting,” said the FDP politician at the German Press Agency in Berlin. At the same time, he emphasized: “This accelerated procedure will definitely not become the normal legislative case.” Such a thing can only be used in emergency situations.

3 a.m .: Engine drivers’ union: Significantly fewer trains run

The train drivers’ union GDL demands to significantly reduce the number of trips for train passengers in the Corona crisis. “We don’t have to get hot air out of hell,” said GDL chairman Claus Weselsky of the German Press Agency. “We have to get down to at least 50 percent.”

The trade unionist said that the number of passengers had dropped significantly. For this reason, Deutsche Bahn must now build up personnel reserves in order to be able to maintain a reliable basic offer in the coming weeks. “Engine drivers and train attendants are also getting sick,” said Weselsky, referring to the spread of the novel corona virus.

In his view, the Deutsche Bahn has held on to a 100 percent offer for too long, now it is still around 90 percent. This could also be a challenge for the workshops if the crisis made it more difficult to get spare parts.

2.55 a.m .: Trump asks South Korea for medical equipment

US President Donald Trump has asked South Korea to supply medical equipment to fight the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, according to the President’s Office in Seoul. The request was made during a phone call to President Moon Jae In on Tuesday evening (local time in Seoul). Moon promised his greatest possible support if there was enough equipment. Trump wants to ensure the possible approval by the American drug approval authority (FDA) on Tuesday, it said.

The White House in Washington only said that both presidents had spoken about the measures taken by both countries against the corona pandemic. Trump has emphasized that he wants to work with leaders around the world to “save lives and restore economic growth”.

According to Moon’s office, Trump was interested in how the infection curve developed in South Korea. The country is doing “very well,” Trump was quoted as saying.

2.30 a.m .: Bolsonaro calls for a return to normal

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the corona virus again and criticized the exit restrictions. Bolsonaro accused the media of spreading a sense of fear in a television speech on Tuesday evening (local time) and urged that the media return to normal. “If I get the virus, I only get a ‘gripezinha’ (little flu) or a ‘resfriadinho’ (little cold),” said the president, while thousands of Brazilians protested in more than a dozen cities. It was the eighth consecutive day of the so-called panelaços, in which people hit pots and pans; “Liar” and “Bolsonaro out” calls were also heard from the open windows.

1.59: New Zealand imposes curfew

New Zealand declares an emergency. As of midnight (local time), the country is subject to a full curfew, the government explains. As of Wednesday, the country had confirmed 47 new cases. The New Zealand Director General for Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said at a press conference that the number of cases would continue to increase for at least 10 days before a turnaround was apparent.

1:47 am: Nine infections in China continue to decline

In China According to the authorities, the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases has decreased. The new cases fell from 78 the previous day to 48, as the health office reports. All are foreign travelers. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to mainland China to 81,218, and the deaths at the end of Tuesday plus four to 3,281.

The number of new infections detected with the coronavirus in South Korea has risen again in the face of increasing “imported” cases. On Tuesday, the Sars CoV-2 pathogen was detected in 100 people, the health authorities said on Wednesday. Among them are 34 people who came by plane from abroad. That was the highest daily increase so far. The total number of infections reported in South Korea rose to 9,137. The number of deaths associated with the virus rose by six to 126.

1.11 a.m .: Heil demands more wages for particularly stressed professional groups

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) has demanded wage increases for certain professionals, such as cashiers or carers, who are particularly stressed in the Corona crisis. “We are seeing an incredible number of everyday heroes,” Heil told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday editions). These people “deserved not only warm words, but also better wages in the long term”.

Wherever possible, wages for these professions should already be increased, added Heil. However, this cannot be prescribed by the state. The minister called on the definition of the “service provider” to be redefined: “Service providers are not only tie wearers, but also those who are now sitting at the checkout in the supermarket, who are shifting additional shifts in hospitals or who continue to dispose of our waste.” Sometimes these activities would be carried out at very low wages.

In addition, Heil has not determined whether the basic pension can start at the beginning of 2021 as planned. “That is my goal and I will continue to work on it,” the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group. When asked how big his doubts were, he replied: “I want the basic pension to come. However, no one can say how long this crisis will last and how long proven processes must be restricted.” The Bundestag is also working under changed conditions.

1.10 a.m .: Judges Association – Regulations must not become normal

The German Judges Association has warned that special provisions in the corona crisis are becoming normal. “It is important that all special rules on the occasion of the corona crisis apply only for a limited time and have an end date,” said Federal Managing Director Sven Rebehn to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday). This ensures that exceptions do not creep into normality.

The Ministry of Justice is currently working on a legal regulation that allows a longer interruption of main proceedings by criminal courts for a maximum of three months and ten days. These more flexible regulations made it possible for emergency operations to concentrate on liability matters and other urgent cases, said Rehbehn. However, they should only apply for a limited time. “The proportionality required by the constitution must be the compass of political action for all measures, even in times of crisis.”

1 a.m .: Report – Bundestag wants bonus limit for bosses of companies with state aid

According to a media report, the Bundestag wants to prohibit companies that use state aid in the Corona crisis from paying dividends, bonuses or share packages to their top managers. The newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe” report in advance, referring to a draft resolution for the meeting of the Budget Committee this Wednesday. For companies that make use of equity capital or guarantees from the 600 billion euro economic stabilization fund (WSF), the federal government must ensure “for the duration of the measures no dividends, bonuses, special payments in the form of share packages or other separate remuneration (bonuses) besides the fixed salary for their organs, “it says.

The housekeepers wanted to learn from the financial and banking crisis. At that time, board members of the nationalized scandal real estate bank HRE had approved millions of bonuses, even though their institution had to be saved from extinction with the taxpayers’ money. According to the Funke newspapers, the Bundestag is expecting the state to sell the shares again “at the latest after ten years”, unless the federal government participates in stumbling groups such as Lufthansa or the travel group TUI, “unless there are urgent economic reasons or for significant reasons against it German economy “. Changes were still possible at the meeting of the committee. The Bundestag also wants to keep a close eye on finance minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) when using the gigantic Corona aid for the economy.

12:32: Pompeo intensifies criticism against China

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo intensifies his criticism of China‘s handling of the corona virus outbreak. He claims that the Communist Party continues to withhold information from the world that is needed to stop the virus. In an interview with the Washington Watch radio show, Pompeo reiterates earlier allegations that Beijing’s delay in disclosing information when the virus first appeared created risks for people worldwide. This behavior “really put thousands of lives at risk”. “My concern is that with this cover-up, this disinformation, the world is still lacking the information it needs to prevent further cases or the recurrence of such an epidemic,” added Pompeo.

00:08: Stoiber – Germany will quickly overcome the crisis

According to a media report, former Bavarian prime minister and CSU chairman Edmund Stoiber is convinced that Germany will quickly overcome the economic slump caused by the Corona crisis. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild” (Wednesday edition), Stoiber recalls that Germany lost five percent of its gross national product in the financial crisis ten years ago. That had already been caught up a year later. Stoiber: “That makes me optimistic that we will also master this crisis.”

Wednesday, March 25, midnight: Laschet – decision on end of contact restrictions “end of Easter holidays”

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) names the end of the Easter holidays in his state (April 18) as a guideline for the corona measures. At “BILD live” Laschet said: “We have all measures limited until April 19.” When the infection numbers go down, “end of Easter vacation is the decision point”. However, one cannot speculate “because the measures first have to work”. And: one cannot “decide a political question politically”. He also warned of threats to the economy. If, for example, automobile production came to a standstill, then “a country would not last long”.

The time until then must be used to contain the virus and prepare the health system for the pandemic, said the vice-chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) also warned of dangers for the German economy if their activities were blocked for too long. If, for example, automobile production comes to a standstill, then “a country won’t last long,” said Laschet on the Internet show “Bild live”.

The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Carsten Linnemann (CDU), has meanwhile called for a quick end to the economic downturn due to the Corona crisis. “For some companies, the limit has already been reached,” said Linnemann to “Bild” (Wednesday). “For the entire economy and our state, the damage will be sustainable and cannot be compensated for decades if we do not gradually start up the economy again after Easter at the latest.” The time until then must be used to contain the virus and to prepare the health system for the epidemic.

March 24, 11 p.m .: Müller: Berlin wants to admit Corona patients from Italy

Like other federal states, Berlin wants to take seriously ill Corona patients from Italy for treatment. The Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) announced on Tuesday evening. “Solidarity doesn’t stop at the city limits,” said Müller on the rbb talk show “We have to talk!”. “We want to help and take patients from Italy. I spoke to the Charité boss about this today.”

Müller followed the example of other country heads: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said on Tuesday: “We want to send a signal of humanity there too.” Bavaria also wants to admit Covid 19 patients from Italy. North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) agreed to admit ten patients from the particularly suffering northern Italy. “We want to signal: you are not alone.” The first corona emergencies from abroad have already been accommodated in clinics in Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

10:38 p.m .: Complete curfew for all 1.3 billion Indians

There will be a curfew for India’s 1.3 billion residents over the next 21 days. The curfew due to the Corona crisis will apply from midnight, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday evening (local time) in a televised speech. He asked his countrymen to forget what it felt like to leave the house. “If we don’t manage these 21 days well, the country will be set back by 21 years. Many families will be destroyed forever,” said the prime minister. “To save India, to save every inhabitant, to save you, to save your family … every street, every quarter is put under curfew,” Modi said.

“If you cross your doorsteps, you invite the dreaded pandemic home.” Modi also said that his government would use the equivalent of around 1.83 billion euros to strengthen the health infrastructure.

10:28 p.m .: France is the fifth country to report more than 1,000 virus deaths

France is the fifth country in the world to report more than 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. The number has increased by 240 to 1100, said the head of the health authority, Jerome Salomon. That is an increase of 28 percent. In addition to Italy, China, Iran and Spain, France has the most fatalities. According to Salomon, the number of infected people rose by 12 percent to 22,300 within 24 hours. Experts advising the government are proposing to extend the 15-day exit limit imposed last week to at least six weeks. This would largely paralyze public life in France until April 28.

10:12 p.m .: Müller: Restrictions due to Corona probably after Easter

In the opinion of Berlin’s Mayor Michael Müller (SPD), the corona crisis will not be over soon – and will also be associated with everyday restrictions after Easter. “We have to expect that it can go on longer,” said Müller on Tuesday evening on the rbb talk show “We have to talk!”.

Tuesday, March 24, 10:05 p.m .: Third Corona dead in Berlin

In Berlin there is a third death related to the corona virus. It is a 42-year-old man, as the Senate Department for Social Affairs announced on Tuesday evening. No further details were given. Previously, two people aged 70 and 95 had died. As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 1,425 confirmed cases of the new corona virus (as of 4:30 p.m.) in the capital, 206 more than on the previous day.

In order to make reading easier and reduce loading times, the editors start the news blog again at this point. You can read about the previous developments in the Corona crisis here.


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