Bosch 2021 – new Nyon, Kiox navigation and more powerful engines

In terms of hardware, this year’s innovations are limited to the new Nyon and various software adaptations for existing components

After Bosch eBike Systems presented a veritable firework of new products in Stuttgart’s car halls last year, the Bosch 2021 innovations presented today via online video stream due to the current situation. Claus Fleischer, Managing Director of Bosch eBike Systems, presented the innovations for the coming season in detail. We have all the information.

Bosch performance drives 2021 with 85 Nm via software update

For 2021, Bosch eBike Systems has refined the software again and will provide updates for several drives presented last year. The torque should increase to up to 85 Newton meters, while the characteristics of the drives have been further optimized.

This affects the series Cargo Line, Cargo Line Speed, Performance Line Speed and Performance Line CX (from model year 2020), with the latter incorporating further improvements for the coming model year. More about the improved CX in an extra article:

Bosch Performance Line CX 2021 with 85 Nm and even more features

The software updates can all be installed in the next few weeks at the bike or e-bike dealer you trust, apart from the two speed variants. Here the setup is allowed in this form not imported subsequently due to homogolation requirements and fundamentally changing the existing system (upgrade to 85 Nm).

Bosch Performance Speed 2021

Only ex works may new drives the Speed ​​series launched with the new software version who then of course have the appropriate approval. More information in our special article on the innovations in performance drives.

4th generation Bosch drives are entering the 2021 model year with renewed strength

Bosch Kiox now with navigation and more

After the Kiox on-board computer was introduced for the first time last year, in the meantime it has been given several software updates, for example to upgrade the lock function. Nevertheless, the call for the integration of navigation has become increasingly louder in the meantime, so that Bosch eBike Systems has now taken up this topic in 2021.

Bosch Kiox 2021 with navigation

Bosch Kiox 2021 with navigation

What innovations besides the Navigation With the software update, our readers will find out in another article. The new functions will soon be available via OTA. In addition, the on-board computer should finally be available as a retrofit version for systems from 2014 in specialist shops.

Bosch Kiox 2021 with navigation, individual screens and improved connectivity

New Bosch Nyon 2021 leads display range

Bosch eBike Systems has had a new one itself since CES 2020 Nyon 2021 Teaser on-board computer. After the new device was shown there schematically in the video, it was quiet for a long time about the Bosch innovations for 2021. Shortly before today’s presentation, operating instructions and approval documentation became known to the FCC, which revealed almost all details of the new device.

Bosch Nyon Gen2

Bosch Nyon Gen2

It was clear from the video presented at the time that the device could be used vertically and also that it would be smaller overall than the previous Nyon. Apparently people are now so calibrated on the smartphone that the traditional navigation with widescreen is no longer desired. 😉 Thus, the Nyon GEN2 (BUI 350) presents itself as the device with the functions that the Kiox users have always wanted.

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All details in our extra article .:

Bosch Nyon 2021 – smaller, smarter and downward compatible

Help Connect – Premium function increases safety for COBI drivers

With Help Connect Bosch eBike Systems presents a new safety function for users of the COBI system on the smartphone hub, which detects falls using an intelligent algorithm and can alert a trained service team in an emergency.

Help Connect on smartphone with COBI app

Help Connect on smartphone with COBI app

The function in the vicinity of the accident site also attracts appropriate attention so that injured eBikers can be found more easily by first aiders nearby. The system can also be triggered manually and help can be obtained. More in our extra post:

Help Connect – new premium function for COBI users presented

Special editions from eBike manufacturers for the 10th anniversary

For the 10th anniversary, selected manufacturers have designed exclusive anniversary eBikes. To this end, a competition was held at Taichung Bike Week in 2018, from which those winners emerged.

Topstone Neo Carbon LE Lefty

Topstone Neo Carbon LE Lefty – PD

So posed Cannondale here the “Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty LE” for the Future Design category to choose from, Cube a special variant of his “Stereo Hybrid 140 29” which won the “Unique Character” category. Finally, the “Friday 28 Travel” from Moustache chosen as the winner in the “Bosch Heritage” category.

More about the campaign and the individual e-bikes in a further article soon.

Bosch eBike Design Vision

Bosch eBike Systems showed its own design version of an e-bike at the end of this year’s presentation. Here it was shown how one currently imagines the future of the eBike in Kusterdingen. The highly integrative model has a clean exterior with a few design tweaks and is designed to show how the components can be integrated into a modern e-bike.

Bosch eBike Design Vision

Bosch eBike Design Vision

More details soon in another post.

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Bosch eBike ABS remains untouched for 2021

We were a little disappointed with Claus Fleischer’s direct statement that it was Bosch eBike ABS will not come up with innovations for 2021. Since the presentation three years ago, at which Bosch eBike Systems was the first to have a system ready for series production, blubrake or Sachs have meanwhile started to compete.

Both blubrake in the Crescent or Bulls as well as Sachs in the new NOX Hybrid models for 2021 bring variants of their ABS systems that are ready for series production onto the road. Both systems are built inconspicuously and virtually invisible from the outside. Here we would have at least wished for a downsizing of the systems that had already been promised for the presentation.


Of the visible innovations for 2021, Bosch eBike Systems was rather reserved this year. However, the software updates will become even more noticeable for many users in everyday life, which then ensures a relativization. We are looking forward to next year, wondering what will happen to ABS. We are also looking forward to driving with the drive systems presented here or trying out the new or updated displays directly.

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