Börse Express – WEEKLY PREVIEW: Appointments until May 8th, 2020

Economic and financial dates until Friday,
May 8th:

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2020


07:00 DEU: Kuka, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Bayer, Q1 numbers (14.00 investor call)

07:30 DEU: Adidas, Q1 numbers (Call 10.00 h)

08:00 DEU: Amadeus Fire, Q1 numbers

16:00 USA: Boeing, Annual General Meeting (online event)


DEU: Wirecard, final result of the KPMG special test

DEU: NordLB, annual figures

DEU: Man and machine, Q1 numbers

ITA: Intesa SanPaolo, general meeting and ao general meeting

CHE: Kuehne & Nagel, Q1 numbers

USA: NXP Semiconductors, Q1 numbers


JPN: BoJ interest rate decision


10:00 DEU: Telephone-Pk digital association Bitkom, German farmers association
and Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank to digitize the
Agriculture 2020

10:00 DEU: Online Pk for the presentation of the Biotech Report 2020 by
Ernst & Young

GBR: Fourth round of talks on future relationships
between EU and Great Britain, London

LUX: Meeting of EU Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers (first



06:00 CHE: Bucher, Q1 sales

06:00 GBR: HSBC Holdings, Q1 numbers

06:45 CHE: ABB, Q1 numbers

06:45 CHE: UBS, Q1 numbers

06:50 ESP: Banco Santander, Q1 numbers

07:00 CHE: Novartis, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Fraport, traffic figures 17th KW

07:00 DEU: Siltronic, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Delivery Hero, Q1 sales (Call 8:00 h) and
Annual report

07:00 DEU: Kion, Q1 numbers

07:00 FRA: Capgemini, Q1 sales

07:30 DEU: Symrise, Q1 Trading Update

07:30 DEU: Comdirect, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:30 SWE: Skanska, Q1 numbers

08:00 DEU: Cancom, years (detailed)

08:00 DEU: Washtec, Q1 numbers

08:00 DNK: Royal Unibrew, Q1 numbers

08:00 GBR: BP, Q1 numbers

08:15 DEU: DMG Mori, Q1 numbers

10:00 DEU: Bayer, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:30 DEU: Hochtief, Annual General Meeting (online event)

12:00 USA: Pepsico, Q1 numbers

12:30 USA: Caterpillar, Q1 numbers

12:30 USA: 3M, Q1 numbers

12:45 USA: Merck & Co, Q1 numbers

12:45 USA: Pfizer, Q1 numbers

1:00 p.m. USA: UPS, Q1 numbers

17:45 FRA: Carrefour, Q1 sales

22:03 USA: alphabet, Q1 numbers

22:05 USA: Mondelez International, Q1 numbers

22:05 USA: Starbucks, Q2 numbers

22:05 USA: Ford Motor, Q1 numbers (detailed)

22:15 USA: AMD, Q1 numbers


DEU: Gesco, balance sheet PC and analyst conference

DEU: PSI software, Q1 numbers

NOR: Telenor, Q1 numbers

USA: Harley-Davidson, Q1 numbers

USA: Corning, Q1 numbers

USA: Blue Apron Holdings, Q1 figures

USA: Southwest Airlines, Q1 numbers


JPN: BoJ interest rate decision

01:30 JPN: unemployment rate 03/20

08:45 FRA: consumer confidence 04/20

09:00 ESP: unemployment rate 03/20

09:30 SWE: Riksbank interest rate decision

12:00 IRL: retail sales 03/20

14:00 HUN: Central bank, rate decision

14:30 USA: wholesale inventory 03/20 (provisional)

16:00 USA: consumer confidence 04/20

16:00 USA: Richmond Fed manufacturers index 04/20

22:30 USA: API oil report (week)


09:30 LUX: ECJ report on nitrogen emissions from
Diesel vehicles, Luxembourg

15:00 DEU: Announcement of the decision on the legal protection against dismissal
a former manager against Volkswagen AG, Braunschweig



06:15 GBR: Standard Chartered, Q1 numbers

06:30 NLD: Airbus Group, Q1 figures

07:00 DEU: Deutsche Bank, Q1 numbers (8:00 a.m. press call / 1:00 p.m.
Analyst call)

07:00 DEU: Covestro, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:00 AUT: OMV, Q1 numbers (detailed) (10.00 Call)

07:00 DEU: DWS, Q1 numbers

07:00 FRA: Saffron, Q1 sales

07:20 DEU: Grammer, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:30 AUT: ams AG, Q1 numbers (10.00 call)

07:30 DEU: Volkswagen, Q1 numbers (detailed) (9.00 press call)

07:30 DEU: Daimler, Q1 numbers (detailed) (Call 8.45)

07:30 DEU: Fielmann, annual figures (online Pk 11.00)

07:30 DEU: Krones, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Schaltbau, Q1 numbers

08:00 SWE: Vattenfall, Q1 numbers

08:00 GBR: AstraZeneca, Q1 numbers

08:00 GBR: Barclays, Q1 numbers

08:00 FIN: Fortum, Q1 numbers

10:00 DEU: Munich Re, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:30 DEU: Beiersdorf, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:30 DEU: Bosch, online pk

12:30 USA: General Electric, Q1 numbers

13:00 GBR: GlaxoSmithKline, Q1 numbers

13:30 USA: Boeing, Q1 numbers

14:00 USA: Spotify, Q1 numbers

17:45 DEU: Intershop Communications AG, Q1 numbers

17:45 FRA: Michelin, Q1 sales

18:00 FRA: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Q1 sales

19:00 DEU: Deutsche Börse, Q1 figures

22:02 USA: Microsoft, Q3 numbers

22:02 USA: Qualcomm, Q1 numbers

22:05 USA: Facebook, Q1 numbers

22:15 USA: Tesla, Q1 numbers

22:15 USA: Ebay, Q1 numbers


DNK: Novozymes, Q1 numbers

ESP: Iberdrola, Q1 numbers

FRA: Thales, Q1 numbers

GBR: Standard Chartered, Q1 figures

NOR: Norsk Hydro, Q1 numbers

KOR: Samsung Electronics, Q1 numbers

SWE: Nordea, Q1 numbers

SWE: SEB, Q1 numbers

USA: Boston Scientific, Q1 numbers

USA: Northrop Grumman, Q1 numbers

USA: Hasbro, Q1 numbers

USA: General Dynamics, Q1 numbers

USA: CME Group, Q1 numbers


DEU: Publication of the DIW Business Barometer

09:00 DEU: Saxony consumer prices 04/20

09:00 ESP: retail sales 03/20

10:00 EUR: money supply M3 03/20

10:00 DEU: consumer prices Brandenburg, Hessen, Bayern 04/20

10:30 DEU: Consumer prices North Rhine-Westphalia 04/20

11:00 EUR: Economic and industrial trust 04/20

11:00 BEL: GDP Q1 / 20 (provisional)

11:00 EUR: consumer confidence 04/20 (final)

11:30 DEU: bond / volume EUR 4 billion / term: 10 years

14:00 DEU: consumer prices 04/20 (provisional)

14:30 USA: GDP Q1 / 20 (in advance)

14:30 USA: private consumption Q1 / 20 (in advance)

4:00 p.m. USA: Pending home sales 03/20

4:30 p.m. USA: EIA Department of Energy Oil Report (Week)

8:00 p.m. USA: Fed rate decision (8:30 p.m. with Fed chief Jerome Powell)


10:15 DEU: VATM online press conference “2nd VATM gigabit study – where
does Germany stand? “


JPN: public holiday, stock exchange closed



06:30 CHE: Lafargeholcim, Q1 Trading Update

06:45 NOR: Equinor, Q1 numbers

07:00 CHE: Clariant, Q1 numbers

07:00 CHE: Swiss Re, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: BASF, Q1 numbers (9:00 a.m. call)

07:00 DEU: Vossloh, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Takkt, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Fuchs Petrolub, Q1 numbers (call 09.00 h)

07:00 DEU: Lufthansa, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Nemetschek, Q1 numbers

07:00 FIN: Nokia, Q1 numbers

07:15 ESP: BBVA, Q1 numbers

07:15 CHE: Swisscom, Q1 numbers

07:15 DEU: Wacker Chemie, Q1 numbers

07:15 DEU: Dic Asset, Q1 figures

07:15 NLD: KPN, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Aixtron, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: RIB software, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Sixt SE, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Befesa, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Rheinmetall, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Drägerwerk, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:30 DEU: Wirecard, annual figures (detailed)

07:30 AUT: Erste Group Bank, Q1 figures

07:30 FRA: Orange, Q1 numbers

08:00 DEU: MTU, Q1 numbers (call 9.30 h)

8:00 AM FRA: Total, Q1 numbers

08:00 GBR: Lloyds Banking Group, Q3 figures

08:00 GBR: Shell, Q3 numbers

08:00 GBR: Reckitt Benckiser, Q1 interim statement

08:00 CHE: Glencore Q1 Production Report

10:00 NLD: pharmacy shop, general meeting

10:00 DEU: Akasol, online balance pk

12:00 USA: Dow, Q1 numbers

1:00 p.m. USA: Twitter, Q1 numbers

13:30 USA: Intercontinental Exchange, Q1 numbers

13:55 USA: McDonald’s, Q1 numbers

14:00 DEU: Deutsche Börse, call for the Q1 numbers

22:01 USA: Amazon, Q1 numbers

22:10 USA: Visa, Q2 numbers

10:30 p.m. USA: Apple, Q2 numbers


DEU: Alba, Q1 numbers

DEU: Surteco, Q1 numbers

DEU: Audi, Q1 numbers (detailed)

AUT: Andritz AG, Q1 numbers

DNK: Danske Bank, Q1 figures

ESP: CaixaBank, Q1 numbers

FRA: Suez, Q1 numbers

GBR: Sainsbury, year numbers

NLD: Steinhoff, years

NOR: DNB ASA, Q1 numbers

NOR: Storebrand, Q1 numbers

USA: ResMed, Q3 numbers

USA: Cigna, Q1 numbers

USA: International Paper, Q1 numbers

USA: Altria Group, Q1 figures

USA: Stanley Black & Decker, Q1 numbers

USA: Baxter International, Q1 numbers

USA: Conoco Phillips, Q1 numbers

USA: Kraft Heinz, Q1 numbers


01:01 GBR: GfK consumer confidence 04/20

01:50 JPN: retail sales 03/20

01:30 JPN: industrial production 03/20 (provisional)

03:00 CHN: PMI manufacturing and services 04/20

03:45 CHN: Caixin PMI manufacturing 04/20

07:00 JPN: Housing starts 03/20

07:30 FRA: GDP Q1 / 20 (provisional)

08:45 FRA: consumer prices 04/20 (provisional)

08:45 FRA: producer prices 03/20

09:00 AUT: GDP Q1 / 20 (provisional)

09:00 ESP: consumer prices 04/20 (provisional)

09:00 ESP: GDP Q1 / 20 (provisional)

09:55 DEU: unemployment figures 04/20

10:00 ITA: unemployment rate 03/20 (provisional)

11:00 EUR: unemployment figures 03/20

11:00 EUR: GDP Q1 / 20 (in advance)

11:00 EUR: consumer prices 04/20 (provisional)

11:00 ITA: consumer prices 04/20 (provisional)

12:00 ITA: GDP Q1 / 20 (provisional)

13:45 EUR: ECB interest rate decision (Pk 14.30 h)

2:30 p.m. USA: Private income and expenditure 03/20

14:30 USA: labor cost index Q1 / 20

2:30 p.m. USA: Initial jobless claims (week)

15:45 USA: Chicago purchasing manager index 04/20


DEU: End of the extended registration period for the VW diesel comparison

09:30 LUX: ECJ report on nitrogen emissions from diesel vehicles


KOR / HKG: public holiday, stock exchange closed

FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2020


8:00 GBR: Royal Bank of Scotland, Q1 numbers

14:30 USA: Chevron, Q1 numbers

USA: ExxonMobil, Q1 numbers

USA: Passenger car sales 04/20


01:30 JPN: consumer prices 04/20

02:30 JPN: Jibun PMI Manufacturing 04/20 (final)

10:30 GBR: PMI manufacturing 04/20 (final)

3:45 p.m. USA: Markit PMI Manufacturing 04/20 (final)

16:00 USA: construction investments 03/20

16:00 USA: ISM manufacturing 04/20

EUR: S&P rating result Czech Republic

EUR: Moody’s rating result Netherlands, Denmark

EUR: Fitch rating result Romania



Holidays, stock exchanges closed

MONDAY, MAY 04, 2020


07:00 DEU: Klöckner & Co, Q1 numbers (call 1:00 p.m.)

07:00 LUX: Stabilus, Q2 numbers

08:00 DEU: Traton SE, Q1 numbers (detailed)

17:45 DEU: Alstria Office, Q1 numbers

18:00 ESP: Endesa, Q1 numbers


ITA: Ferrari, Q1 numbers

NLD: PostNL, Q1 numbers

USA: The Mosaic, Q1 numbers

USA: Tyson Foods, Q2 numbers


03:45 CHN: Caixin PMI manufacturing 04/20

09:15 ESP: PMI manufacturing 04/20

09:45 ITA: PMI manufacturing 04/20

09:50 FRA: PMI manufacturing 04/20 (final)

09:55 DEU: PMI manufacturing 04/20 (final)

10:00 EUR: PMI manufacturing 04/20 (final)

10:30 EUR: Sentix investor confidence 05/20

15:45 EUR: ECB monthly report 04/20

16:00 USA: order intake industry 03/20

16:00 USA: durable goods order 03/20 (final)


10:00 DEU: Online Pk of German actuaries
Actuary Association, Cologne


CHN / JPN: public holiday, stock exchange closed

TUESDAY, MAY 05, 2020


07:00 CHE: Adecco, Q1 numbers

07:00 CHE: SIG, Q1 sales

07:00 DEU: Fraport, traffic figures 18 KW

07:00 DEU: Grenke, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:00 DEU: Siemens Healthineers, Q2 numbers (call 10.00 h)

07:00 FRA: BNP Paribas, Q1 numbers

07:00 FRA: Essilor-Luxottica, Q1 sales

07:00 DEU: Vonovia, Q1 numbers (call 10.00 h)

07:00 DEU: Hamborner Reit, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Infineon, Q2 numbers (Call 11.00 h)

07:30 DEU: Hugo Boss, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Pfeiffer Vacuum, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Beiersdorf, Q1 numbers (detailed) (10.30 h call)

08:00 DEU: LPKF, Q1 numbers

10:00 DEU: Lufthansa, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:00 DEU: Comdirect, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:00 DEU: Fuchs Petrolub, Annual General Meeting (online event)

12:00 USA: Dupont de Nemours, Q1 numbers

13:00 GBR: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Q1 numbers

22:05 USA: Walt Disney, Q2 numbers

22:05 USA: Mattel, Q1 numbers


DEU: HelloFresh, Q1 numbers

DNK: Vestas, Q1 numbers

ESP: Repsol, Q1 numbers

ITA: Intesa Sanpaolo, Q1 numbers

USA: Activision Blizzard, Q1 numbers

USA: Electronic Arts, Inc, Q1 numbers

USA: American International Group, Q1 figures

USA: Pinterest, Q1 numbers


08:30 CHE: consumer prices ß4 / 20

09:00 ESP: unemployment figures 04/20

10:00 DEU: Federal Constitutional Court announces judgment
Billion-dollar government bond purchases by the European Central Bank
(ECB), Karlsruhe

10:30 GBR: PMI services 04/20 (final)

11:00 EUR: producer prices 03/20

14:30 USA: trade balance 03/20

3:45 p.m. USA: Markit PMI Services 04/20 (final)

16:00 USA: ISM index services 04/20

22:30 USA: API oil report (week)


CHN / JPN / SOK: public holiday, stock exchange closed



06:45 DEU: Schaeffler, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Fraport, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Lanxess, Q1 numbers (Call 10.00 h)

07:00 DEU: Rational, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: FMC, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Fresenius, Q1 numbers

07:00 BEL: Solvay, Q1 numbers

07:00 FRA: Societe Generale, Q1 numbers

07:00 FRA: Credit Agricole, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: BMW, Q1 numbers (call 10.00 h)

07:30 DEU: Dialog Semiconductor, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Elmos Semiconductor, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Telefonica Germany, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Hannover Re, Q1 numbers (detailed) and
Annual General Meeting

08:00 ESP: Siemens Gamesa, Q1 numbers

10:00 DEU: Allianz, Annual General Meeting (online event)

10:00 DEU: Rational, general meeting

14:00 USA: General Motors, Q1 numbers

17:45 ITA: Enel, Q1 numbers

18:30 DEU: Metro, Q2 numbers

22:00 DEU: Morphosys, Q1 numbers

22:05 USA: T-Mobile US, Q1 numbers

22:05 NLD: Qiagen, Q1 numbers (detailed)


CDN: Nutrien, Q1 numbers

DEU: Norma Group, Q1 figures

DNK: Novo Nordisk, Q1 numbers

FIN: Outokumpu, Q1 numbers

FRA: Natixis, Q1 numbers

FRA: Veolia, Q1 numbers

ITA: UniCredit, Q1 figures

NLD: Wolters Kluwer, Q1 Trading Update

USA: Allstate, Q1 numbers

USA: PayPal, Q1 numbers

USA: Philip Morris, Annual General Meeting

USA: Fox, Q3 numbers

USA: New York Times, Q1 numbers


08:00 DEU: order intake industry 03/20

09:15 ESP: PMI services 04/20

09:45 ITA: PMI services 04/20

09:50 FRA: PMI services 04/20 (final)

09:55 DEU: PMI services 04/20 (final)

10:00 EUR: PMI services 04/20 (final)

11:00 EUR: retail sales 03/20

14:15 USA: ADP employment change 04/20

4:30 p.m. USA: EIA Department of Energy, Oil Report (Week)


JPN: public holiday, stock exchange closed

THURSDAY, MAY 07, 2020


06:45 DEU: Evonik, Q1 numbers

07:00 AUT: S&T, Q1 numbers

07:00 BEL: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Q1 numbers

07:00 NLD: DSM, Q1 numbers

07:00 NLD: Ahold Delhaize, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: HeidelbergCement, Q1 numbers (call 9:00 a.m.)

07:00 DEU: Brenntag, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Wacker Neuson, Q1 numbers

07:00 DEU: Osram, Q1 numbers

07:00 LUX: ArcelorMittal, Q1 numbers

07:15 FRA: Air France-KLM, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Munich Re, Q1 figures

07:30 DEU: Zalando, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:30 DEU: Puma, Q1 numbers (call 9:00 a.m.) and general meeting

07:30 DEU: ElringKlinger, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: New Work, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Deutz, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Uniper, Q1 numbers (detailed)

07:30 DEU: Koenig & Bauer AG, Q1 figures

07:30 DEU: Talanx, Q1 numbers (detailed) and Annual General Meeting

07:30 ESP: Telefonica, Q1 numbers

07:45 DEU: Compugroup Medical, Q1 numbers

07:45 NLD: Ahold Delhaize, Q1 numbers

08:15 DEU: ProSiebenSat.1, Q1 numbers (detailed)

08:00 GBR: IAG International Airlines, Q1 figures

08:00 GBR: BT Group, annual figures

08:00 GBR: RSA Insurance Group, Q1 sales

08:30 DEU: Continental, Q1 numbers

10:00 DEU: Metro AG, call for the Q2 numbers

10:30 DEU: Baywa, Q1 numbers

12:00 DEU: Linde, Q1 numbers (Call 16.00 h)

13:00 SWE: Securitas, Q1 numbers, Stockholm

22:30 USA: Uber, Q1 numbers


DEU: Rhön Clinic, Q1 numbers

DEU: SLM Solutions, Q1 numbers

ITA: Leonardo, Q1 numbers

ITA: Banca Montei dei Paschi di Siena, Q1 numbers

JPN: Nintendo, years

PRT: EDP, Q1 numbers

SWE: Electrolux Group, Q1 numbers

SWE: Hennes & Mauritz, Annual General Meeting

SWE: Securitas, Q1 numbers

USA: Bristol Myers Squibb, Q1 numbers

USA: Raytheon Technologies, Q1 numbers


CHN: trade balance 04/20

03:45 CHN: Caixin PMI services 04/20

08:00 DEU: industrial production 03/20

08:45 FRA: trade balance 03/20

10:00 ITA: retail sales 03/20

10:00 DEU: Orders received in mechanical engineering in March and 1st quarter 2020

13:00 GBR: BoE interest rate decision and minutes of meetings

2:30 p.m. USA: Initial jobless claims (week)

14:30 USA: Productivity Q1 / 20 (1st release)

21:00 USA: consumer credit 03/20

FRIDAY, MAY 08, 2020


07:00 DEU: Siemens, Q2 numbers

07:00 DEU: Biotest, Q1 numbers and Annual General Meeting (online)

07:00 NLD: ING Groep, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Bechtle, Q1 numbers

07:30 DEU: Rheinmetall, Q1 numbers


DEU: SÜSS MicroTec, Q1 numbers

DEU: PVA TePla, Q1 numbers

DEU: Jungheinrich, Q1 numbers

DEU: Schaeffler, Annual General Meeting (online)

NLD: Altice, Q1 numbers


02:30 JPN: Jibun Bank PMI services 04/20 (final)

08:00 DEU: trade balance 03/20

09:00 ESP: industrial production 03/20

11:00 GRE: consumer prices 04/20

2:30 p.m. USA: Labor market report 04/20

16:00 USA: Wholesale inventory 03/20 (final)

EUR: Moody’s rating result Greece, Italy

EUR: Fitch rating result Slovakia


GBR: public holiday, stock exchange closed

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