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TOKIO (dpa-AFX) – Under the impression of worldwide
Coronavirus pandemic is the Olympic flame in Japan on Friday
arrived from Greece for the 2020 Olympics. In
it became a smaller ceremony than originally thought
Olympic fires at a military base in Higashimatsushima im
Received northeast of the main island of Honshu. 200 local
Students who were originally invited were allowed to because of the danger
further spread of the coronavirus.
It is still uncertain whether the games will run as planned on 24.
July in Tokyo.

The Japanese organizers, the International Olympic Committee
(IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
so far on their plans, Olympia from July 24 to August 9 and
to host the Paralympics from August 25th to September 6th.

This is how IOC President Thomas Bach continues to fight against all kinds
from speculation to a relocation. In one on Thursday
(Local time) interview published by the “New York Times” said the
66 year old Germans: “Of course we are considering different things
Scenarios, but unlike many other sports associations or
We are still four and a half months away from the professional leagues

Leagues worldwide are more optimistic than the IOC, “because they are theirs
Events have postponed until April or late May. We
talk about late July, “said Bach.

The American media group Discovery with its
Subsidiary Eurosport is relaxed about the uncertainties. “There
we are covered for all cases, I do not expect any
substantial damage to Discovery in any decision made in the
Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, “said CFO
Gunnar Wiedenfels (42) of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Friday).

The group had TV rights to the Olympics five years ago
Summer and winter games from 2018 to 2024 for an estimated 1.3
Billion euros bought. ARD and ZDF later acquired sublicenses, so
that in Germany at Eurosport and public law
Broadcasters will be shown pictures of the Olympic competitions.

Bach receives support from canoe association leader Thomas Konietzko.
“Imagine what a positive sign that is
If we succeed, the Olympic Games would be the first in the world
Event after this global crisis “,
said the official of the newspaper “Neues Deutschland” (Friday). With
A success of Olympia in Japan could be proven “what for
sport has a connecting force for a society “.

The criticism of the IOC’s stance, however, does not subside. “The
Qualification conditions are currently catastrophic, we
do not know anything and the athletes are on different
Performance levels. Moving the games would be sporty
best solution, “said the welterweight and athlete spokeswoman
of the German Boxing Association, Nadine Apetz (34) the “mirror”
and emphasized: “I don’t see Olympia taking place.”

The earlier one can say that the games weren’t canceled long ago
Do not understand top athlete Heide Ecker-Rosendahl.
“They are only afraid of losing their finances or losing face.
I think that’s very worrying, “said the 73-year-old
Double Olympic champion from 1972 of the German Press Agency. she
find it “amazing how little respect one has for the athletes
takes “and spoke of a” delay tactic “for the
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