Börse Express – VIRUS / EM Ambassador Lahm: Football is in an ‘existential crisis’

EM ambassador Philipp Lahm sees football
currently “in an existential crisis” and therefore calls for
Solidarity. “Football will recover quickly as soon as through
an appropriate vaccine contained the risk of transmission
is. The prerequisite for this is that we succeed in
Corona crisis to maintain the structures that German football
award and the Bundesliga to one of the top leagues worldwide
made, “said the 2014 world champion in an interview
the “World on Sunday”.

He means above all “the excellent youth work, the
Performance centers, the excellent stadiums, the best
Training conditions, the high popularity ratings in the
Public and the very good media presence “.

The long-time captain of
Bayern Munich and the German national team even strengthened
emerge from the crisis on one condition: “If players and
Officials serve as role models in the social behavior
Take public, “said the 36-year-old
Managing Director of DFB Euro GmbH. “The fundraisers from coaches
and show players that they have a corresponding
Have a sense of responsibility. It’s a good time to be around
Society that carries our sport and the people who love it
enthusiastic about football to give something back, “said Lahm.

The question of how it moved to the summer of 2021
Football European Championship with the location Munich will only go after the
the mayor runoff there clarified on (this) Sunday. From
All twelve cities of the pan-European EM “now have to
there are renewed commitments that they want to continue playing, “said
Lame. “If a city can not or no longer wants to be there, it should
they will let them know in a timely manner. “UEFA is currently playing” many scenarios ”

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