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After the relocation of the Olympic Games to the
The task force deployed to Tokyo will take place on Thursday in 2021
with the name “Here we go”. First goal
The working group is to make an appropriate appointment for the
Find summer games. We are talking about spring or spring
Summer 2021. But also other open questions such as the
Consequences for the Olympic village must be in the next few weeks
be discussed.

DATE: The European Football Championship from 2020 was exactly the same
Period from June 11 to July 11 postponed to the next year. The
doesn’t necessarily have to happen at the Olympics. “It is not
limited to the summer months. All options until summer 2021
are on the table, “said IOC boss Thomas Bach
April or May, when it is significantly cooler in Tokyo than in
sweltering August is not excluded.

SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS: The task force must deal with all 33 international
Discuss sports associations. Each association has its own
Preferences. The athletes and swimmers want theirs
To host world championships in summer, the team sports
like football, basketball or handball, on the other hand, are in May
Final phase of their season. Already this year one can
regulated season finale be out of the question.

TV ANSTALTEN: What are the wishes of the TV stations? Especially the
affluent US broadcasting broadcaster NBC is expected to
urge the original appointment in the summer because at that time the
big leagues rest. This also applies to Europe.

OLYMPIC VILLAGE: In 2021 there will be an Olympic village for them
Athletes? The athletes would probably have to turn to others
Adjust living conditions, said Bach. Because many of the apartments
were for the period after the Olympics and Paralympics
already sold to private individuals.

SPORT: Some of the facilities are only temporary and
would have to be kept in operation for another year. Also are
Halls already fully booked for 2021.

PARALYMPICS: The Paralympics must also be taken into account when planning
become. The games for people with disabilities usually take place
after the Olympics. Should the summer games for the
May 2021, it could be until the start of the European Football Championship on
June 11th will be scarce for the Paralympics./tas/DP/zb

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