Börse Express – ROUNDUP / European stock closing: EuroStoxx under pressure


On the European stock markets is after
sadness returned to course gains on Thursday. The
Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50 gave up at 1.09
Percent to 3822.98 points after. At the start of trading he still had
briefly again reached the highest level since 2008, but then it was
quickly slipped into the loss zone, which he did not until the end
escaped again. In late trading he then increased his losses
together with the US stock exchanges.

The worry about the coronavirus was not a burden
abate. The number of new infections in China went down
official data to its lowest level in weeks –
however, a new way of counting causes confusion.
South Korea also reported a significant increase in
Coronavirus cases.

The French stock exchange barometer Cac 40 lost 0.80
Percent to 6062.30 points. Outside of the euro zone, the
London FTSE 100 a little better. He gave up in the end
minus 0.27 percent to 7436.64 points less strongly.

The recent measures by the Chinese central bank to support the
According to market watcher Thomas Altmann, the economy ranges from
Asset managers QC Partners initially did not address the fear of the
Stock marketers before the virus spread further sustainably

The shares of some companies where China is considered significant
Known growth market were now among the losers again.
The luxury goods values ​​in demand the previous day, for example, also belonged
Discounts of 3.5 and 2.2 percent at Kering
and LVMH to.

Car values ​​are also counted among this group, at the end
but they were in the sector ranking with an increase of 0.4 percent
the only bright spot in their industry index. Price gains from to
3 percent at Daimler , Renault and
the supplier group Faurecia gave the positive direction here.

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Meanwhile, fresh business figures split the EuroStoxx. At the
Around the end of the index, Telefonica shares buckled around
3.8 percent. The Spanish telecommunications company did
surprising in the fourth quarter, among other things, due to renovation costs and
a loss on a tax charge.

Axa papers also declined by 3.5 percent
, The French insurer’s profit in
last year disappointed investors.

In contrast, the shares of the
French industrial group Schneider Electric around
5.7 percent in height. Rated solid by analysts
Results were enough to make them more for the first time in their history
than 100 euros.

Air France-KLM papers meanwhile sagged
Paris by 3.5 percent. The airline reckons because of the
Corona virus between February and April with an exposure to high
from 150 to 200 million euros.

In Zurich, Swiss Re one
Accept price slide by 8 percent. The Swiss reinsurer
did not increase earnings as much in 2019 as expected by experts.
The result in the final quarter was high damage costs

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