Börse Express – “profil”: Eurofighter case: Six ex-EADS employees in Germany convicted


Because of dubious money transfers around Eurofighter deal / counter transactions: suspected fraud and bribery

Vienna (OTS) – As the news magazine “profil” reports in its current edition, six former EADS employees in Germany were sentenced to conditional sentences or fines in 2018/2019 for dubious payments related to the Eurofighter counter-transactions with the Republic of Austria. In all cases, the Munich Local Court considered it proven that the EADS people, including several executives, had smuggled around 100 million euros into the Vector Aerospace mailbox in London on the basis of bogus contracts and bills. In the course of accelerated criminal proceedings without a main hearing, two former managers were sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment and payments to charities of EUR 150,000 and EUR 100,000, respectively, for infidelity and assistance. The four others got away with “money” between 10,000 and 75,000 euros.

In Austria, the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office is now suspected of extensive fraud or bribery in connection with the Eurofighter counter-transactions. This emerges from investigative orders from October and November 2019, which are available to profil. The suspicion: 23 suspects – among them the former Airbus boss Thomas Enders – are said to have partially issued or submitted incorrect counter-transaction confirmations from 2003 to at least 2018 as participants, thereby harming the Republic of Austria. In addition, 19 of the data subjects are suspected of having paid or received bribes for incorrect counter-transaction confirmations from 2008 to at least 2018, depending on their function. Several companies are also accused under the Association Responsibility Act, including Airbus Defense and Space GmbH (formerly EADS Germany) and Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH.


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