Börse Express – New York Stocks: US stock exchanges attempt to recover


After the recent price slump on the US stock exchanges in the middle of the week, something calmed down on Thursday. There was a tailwind from the economy. In addition, some of the quarterly reports were better than expected.

At the start of trading, the Wall Street Index Dow Jones Industrial was initially only moderately in the red. Finally it found its way into the plus and rose by 0.20 percent to 26,571.74 points. The loss since the beginning of the week is currently a little more than 6 percent. The market-wide S&P 500 recovered on Friday with a plus of 0.60 percent to 3290.55 points from its most recent decline. The Nasdaq 100 even increased by a strong 1.32 percent to 11 289.50 points.

After the corona-related economic slump in the second quarter, the US economy grew strongly again in the third quarter. From July to September, gross domestic product increased by 33.1 percent for the year, thus exceeding market expectations. However, the labor market data from last week showed that the pandemic is still leaving deep marks: Because of the corona crisis, more than 700,000 people again applied for unemployment benefits. Economists, however, had even expected 770,000 initial applications./ck/fba

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