Börse Express – New York shares: the US stock exchanges are trying to recover


NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Wall Street is trying to recover on Thursday after the setback caused by interest rate fears. The Dow Jones Industrial, which had already stabilized the day before, rallied in early trading by 0.73 percent to 33,844.37 points after the main index lost nearly three percent since the end of November. S&P 500 at market level increased by 0.75% to 3963.62 points.

The technology stocks of the Nasdaq, which had fallen a little more sharply the day before, were also able to recover: the Nasdaq 100, which is characterized by this sector After a weaker start, it also managed to gain 0.83% to 11,592.26 points. According to market observer Andreas Lipkow, some quarterly data on the Nasdaq, such as those from telecommunications equipment supplier Ciena, have revived investor interest, which recently declined sharply.

Investors were now awaiting the release of US producer prices on Friday. The point is to see how effective the US Federal Reserve’s recent tight monetary policy is in curbing inflation and whether it could be eased in the near future, he said. Labor market signals had little impact on the indices: the increase in the weekly initial jobless claims exactly met expectations./tih/mis

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