Börse Express – New York Equities: More losses at the end of a red week


NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The decline in US equity markets continued on Friday. After surprisingly high inflation data recently, investors continued to shy away from the risk of the US Federal Reserve’s expected interest rate hike on Wednesday. It is firmly expected that the Fed will raise the benchmark interest rate again by 0.75 percentage points, but a whole point is also believed to be possible.

The Dow Jones Industrial was two hours left
1.16 percent less at 30,602.21 points. The diversified S&P 500 it fell at the same time by 1.49 percent to 3843.26 points. Interest-dependent tech stocks also continued to have a tough time: the Nasdaq 100, which is characterized by it
it lost 1.54 percent to 11,743.52 points. All three New York price barometers hit new lows since mid-July.

For the Dow there is a loss of 4.8 percent on a weekly basis and for the Nasdaq 100 as much as 6.7 percent. A month ago, New York’s leading Dow index hit an interim high of 34,281 points, from which it has now fallen by more than ten percent.

On Friday, investors are worried not only about long-standing concerns about inflation, interest rates and the economy, but also about the big drop in futures exchanges. The fear of the recession was thwarted by a profit warning from the logistics company Fedex strengthened, which is considered a kind of indicator for world trade due to its important role in global supply chains.

FedEx newspapers fell 22%. They also took out the UPS competitor five percent less. FedEx withdrew its earnings forecast after a weak quarter. According to UBS analyst Thomas Wadewitz, earnings per share lacked the consensus of a third party. Experts from JPMorgan and Bank of America responded to a neutral vote by downgrading Fedex shares.

For Uber documents at times it fell by nearly seven percent, the last by 4.5 percent. The transport service provider is apparently the victim of a hacker attack. According to a New York Times report, many internal systems were affected by the cyber attack. The company reported a “cybersecurity incident” on Twitter on Friday. Uber will investigate this and have contacted law enforcement.

Two particularly noticeable values ​​the day before continued their moves into the weekend: Netflix shares, led by an analyst upgrade Thursday, were among the few positive values ​​on Nasdaq with a further 1.7 percent rise. . They recently moved above the 21-day moving average, a popular indicator line with investors.

Conversely, Adobe shares continued to decline by nearly 5%. , which had already collapsed the day before due to what was considered an expensive acquisition of web design software company Figma. Some analysts were as shocked as investors, many pointed to the profit dilution associated with the deal. There have been downgrades from Barclays and Bank of America./tih/jha/

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