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Cybeats Technologies Corp. reports that 75% of SBOM Studio pilot evaluations have been converted into commercial contracts

Toronto, Jan. 27, 2023 /IRW-Press/ – Cybeats Technologies Corp. (Cybeats or the Company) (CSE: CYBT) is pleased to report that following the signing of recent commercial agreements, 75% of all companies piloting SBOM Studio

have now signed commercial license agreements with the company.

SBOM Studio sets the benchmark for the future of automated SBOM management, helping organizations proactively improve visibility and security across the software supply chain and efficiently deploy SBOMs at scale. The Company has announced several commercial agreements with Fortune 500 customers over the past two months, including its third major industrial technology contract and an agreement with a leading medical technology company.

Our high success rate in converting SBOM Studio pilots into commercial sales is due to the immediate value our solution provides to customers from day one of deployment, according to Cybeats CTO, Dmitry Raidman. Many companies are capable of generating SBOMs, but managing and operationalizing these SBOMs on a global scale is new territory for all. Feedback from our customers shows that the features and capabilities of SBOM Studio meet and exceed their SBOM management needs.

“Achieving a high conversion rate on the pilots is a key indicator that validates the value of SBOM Studio to businesses and demonstrates our ability to win large enterprise customers,” said Cybeats CRO Bob Lyle. Converting 75% of pilot projects across a variety of industries positions us well to rapidly accelerate our commercial growth through our growing pipeline of key accounts.

The six previously announced contracts showing a 75% conversion rate include:

– Three-year contract with a Building Automation and Technology Company starting January 17, 2023

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– Annual SaaS agreement with a global leader in medical devices and diagnostics starting January 13, 2023 -a-top-3-global- medical-device-and-diagnostics-company

– Three-year agreement with a global leader in energy management and digital automation from November 29, 2022 reement-to-date-through-new- multi-year-contract-with-leading-global-provider-of-energy-management-and-automation-solutions

– Annual SaaS agreement with an industrial technology company beginning November 14, 2022 technology company

– Two-year software license with Integral Ad Sciences, closed December 3, 2022 ngagement-with-global-leader-in-digital-advertising -technology

– SaaS license deal with a cryptocurrency exchange that started in May 2022

SBOM Studio – Management of the life cycle of your SBOMs

Cybeats SBOM Studio is a comprehensive solution for managing and distributing software bills of materials (SBOMs) on a single platform. It provides companies with a centralized view of cyber security vulnerabilities and enables them to improve the visibility and security of their software supply chain. SBOM Studio is for organizations of all sizes and industries, helping them improve their vulnerability management processes, reduce protection costs and improve compliance. Some of the key product features are:

– Automated SBOM management

– Accelerated Vulnerability Management

– Improved workflow for security operations

– Sharing and exchange of SBOMs

– Data-driven business decisions

– Legal compliance and license violations
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SBOM Studio Pilot Evaluations

As with many SaaS companies, a pilot or trial is often a prerequisite for commercial engagement. If you would like to visit our product page or book a product demo, please visit:

Upcoming Events

Join us at the CISO Forum Canada on January 30-31 in Toronto, Ontario, where Cybeats will lead a panel discussion on Software Supply Chain Security with leaders from CN Rail, Craft Ventures and SAP:

CISO Forum Canada 2023

Visit us at MWC Barcelona from February 27th to March 2nd, 2023

at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, ​​the world’s most influential trade fair for the connectivity and security industry:

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We invite you to join us at S4x23 in Miami from February 13th to 16th! Explore new ideas and find innovative ways to use these new ideas to build safe and resilient industrial control systems

to use:

About Cybeats

Cybeats is a cybersecurity company providing SBOM management and software supply chain intelligence technologies that help organizations manage risk, meet compliance requirements and secure their software from procurement to development to delivery support operation. Our platform gives customers comprehensive visibility and visibility into their software supply chain, enabling them to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue. Cybeats. Software Made Certain. Website:

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James Van Staveren

Corporate Development

Tel: 1-888-713-SBOM (7266)

E-Mail: [email protected]

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