Börse Express – Infineon – Still in bear market rally

Infineon’s shares have recovered strongly since the low of EUR 10.13 on March 19 and have risen significantly in recent weeks. The upward trend, which is currently still a bear market rally, was reached on April 14 at EUR 17.33. As a result, the stocks sagged again, with a new short-term low at EUR 15.07 being marked on April 21. The shares are currently oscillating sideways around the important 50s EMA in the range of EUR 16.20. As long as the stocks are listed below the 50s EMA, this indicates weakness and short-term falling prices. It should also be noted that the shares still have numerous open gaps as a result of the rapid previous price increase. The deepest gap is in the range of EUR 11.55. Gaps are usually closed quickly and often attract the price like a magnet.


Infineon’s shares are currently in a sideways movement at the 1950 EMA. A top formation could develop from this. With courses falling again as a result. The short scenarios: The stocks can fail to conquer the 50s EMA sustainably and then slowly sink back down. A first weak signal would be prices below the low of EUR 15.07 on April 21. In this case, new downward dynamics should develop and a return to the open gaps mentioned should begin. The lowest open gap at EUR 11.55 would then be seen as the correction target. Below that, the bears are likely to head for the low of EUR 10.13 and may also fall below the downward trend. The long scenarios: The stocks can hold above the support of EUR 15.00 and use the current sideways movement as a springboard for a new price increase. New upward momentum could develop above the 50 EMA and the shares could rise up to the 200 EMA at the current EUR 17.85. Over the 200 EMA, the situation for Infineon’s shares would also brighten in the long term. The next starting point would be resistance in the range of EUR 19.50.

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