Borja Verea claims to be sure that he will get the majority that will allow him to govern Santiago

He opened the presentation ceremony of the PPdeG candidates at the Sar Multipurpose

26 feb 2023 . Updated at 05:00 h.

The PP candidate for mayor of Santiago, Borja Verea, acted as host in the great act that the popular ones celebrated in the Multiusos do Sar to present their 313 heads of list in Galicia. In his speech, he was sure that reaching the great majority that will allow him to be mayor of the capital of Galicia. Verea recalled that a few months ago he said that his party would win the elections in the city, and since then he has risen positions in the polls to become the first force in Santiago. I added that now, calmly but firmlycan announce that they will reach an absolute majority.

In his speech, opening the event in front of more than four thousand people and under the watchful eye of Alberto Nez Feijoo and Alfonso Rueda, Verea promised to continue fighting in each neighborhood and in each parish to achieve that great increase that we need in Santiago to bring the city into the 21st century. The Compostela candidate of the PP affirmed that for him politics is a passion, it’s not about one of mine in the office, I have a passion called Compostela and I want to do it.

In addition, Borja Verea assured that he is a government candidate, because we are a government party, and we know that governing for us is synonymous with a large majoritya great majority than I need to build a new Compostelanism.

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