Borissov: Weapons for Kyiv – yes, but to say what has already been loaded on the plane (Review)

We will not push them, but the ruling party is falling so fast that they will soon look for GERB, he announced

GERB leader Boyko Borissov showed photos showing Ukrainian warheads being loaded on a Ukrainian plane on Monday.

Thus, he entered the topic of whether Bulgaria exports weapons to Ukraine and commented on the explanations of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Sunday that our country is not responsible if the weapons we sell are resold to a third country. In fact, the footage has already been shown on TV and electronic media. (See photos below)

Someone went to the headquarters and left me pictures of the heaviest planes, we don’t export weapons, Petkov claims. Looking at the photos, I have served on such a machine – motorized rifle troops move with such machines. Can you see the chains here? Combat chain machines, Borisov told. In my opinion, it is not a tank, but a BRDMhe added.

In an interview with bTV on Sunday, when asked whether Bulgaria is secretly sending weapons to Ukraine, the prime minister gave the example that if VMZ receives a request from a Polish company for 200 million, the government can check whether it is real and not related to terrorist activity. . And if it meets all the conditions – we will fulfill the order. Our responsibility stops at this point. We can’t say that if the Poles take out weapons, we have helped, Petkov commented then.

How they load it, through which border, how they avoid missiles … We are manufacturers, traders. This product does not go to good places – South Africa, Congo, the morale of this product is never high, the prime minister was frank. He clarified that our country is just a trader in excessive quantities, is not responsible and can not boast that it has helped Ukraine.

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However, his speech on the subject outraged Borissov. We export, we do something, but why do you ask me where we export them – This, in his words, Petkov actually told us. You have NRS, military intelligence, ask, if you don’t know, say two specific words, he criticized the prime minister.

Borissov was adamant that weapons were being exported.

They say: We do not export. They are making fun of each other! He shouts: Ninova will never come out. She shouts: How will I get out if I don’t export. And what is it, Borisov showed the picture of the plane again.

The government did not buy even 1 kg of wheat, but set aside one billion and 200. This PR will eat their heads, the prime minister said on another topic related to the war crisis. Then he recommended that Bulgarians buy lamb for St. George’s Day from Greece, where it was cheaper – 6.50 euros.

They’re falling so fast they’re going to start looking for us, Borissov concluded at the address of the ruling coalition.

And we do not want in this devastated country,

he commented on GERB’s attitudes towards governance. A year and a half no road rehabilitation, billions are needed. Who will handle this?he added. We don’t want to push them. It’s a war, we’ll support them, here’s the weapons on Wednesday, summarized Borisov.

Rumen Radev took all the first places in political engineering – during his presidency so many parties were created, some of them with such strange names. I wish success to all. Anyone who normally wants us to rebuild and do something for people is in favorcommented the leader of GERB.

Ninova: How have you been Prime Minister for 10 years and you don’t know that we don’t produce tanks and armored personnel carriers?

Haven’t we announced a weapons competition in recent days? If there is one, Borissov won it today. He said that we export tanks and armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

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This was written by the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the BSP Cornelia Ninova on Facebook hours after Boyko Borissov showed a photo of a chain war machine loaded on a plane.

Abe, can you be prime minister for 10 years and not know that Bulgaria has never produced tanks, and armored personnel carriers have not been produced for more than 20 years since the Beta in Cherven Bryag closed? And if you didn’t learn that as prime minister, at least you didn’t go to the barracks? Ninova asked.


the coalition

to break up

The Weapons Council is meeting today

There is no danger of the coalition disintegrating. This was stated by the parliamentary chief Nikola Minchev yesterday after a meeting of the Executive Committee of “We continue the change”.

Today there will be a meeting of the coalition council, at which the positions of the partners must be clarified, after the social leader Cornelia Ninova stated that when voting for military aid for Ukraine, the BSP leaves the government.

There is no danger that this will happen, Minchev commented and explained that the coalition council will look for an optimal option in order to adopt a common decision on technical assistance. He who stands on two chairs can fall from both, he warned.

The final decision on the weapon is expected to be voted on by parliament on Wednesday. At the same time, two protests will take place in front of the National Assembly – “for” and “against” military aid to Ukraine.

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