Borissov showed up from Ljubljana without a suit, he hugged with … PHOTO

Today I will take part in the EPP Leaders’ Meeting for the Western Balkans. The forum is being held in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. As soon as I arrived, I talked to my friend Donald Tusk.

This was written in his profile on the social network by the former Prime Minister and leader of the GERB party Boyko Borissov. Here is what he says:

“The EPP leaders’ meeting is being organized by party President Donald Tusk in connection with the upcoming EU-Western Balkans Summit – co-organized with Prime Minister Janes Jansa as part of Slovenia’s EU Council presidency.

The aim of the forum is to strengthen the general and strong support of the ERA for the region. “

Borisov added to the writing a shot in which he was casually dressed and hugged Donald Tusk.




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