Borissov: Can we suspect a state of war and not know what is happening (Video)

GERB submits a request for an extraordinary session of the parliament in connection with the situation in Eastern Europe

“Has permission been granted or requested for the deployment of allied equipment on Bulgarian territory?” Asked former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at today’s extraordinary gathering of journalists at the GERB party headquarters in connection with the escalation of the NATO-Russia conflict and Eastern Europe by the Alliance.

“We understand about all this from foreigners. The logical question is: when NATO is in full combat readiness, in what condition is the Bulgarian army. Is it, who and how? Because so far we have heard three statements by Kiril Petkov, the Foreign Minister – sharply , to the military – evasively “, announced Borisov today.

He called for a much more active government policy.

“What is more important when NATO is in combat readiness and troops are being transferred, and who better than the foreign minister can express our concern for hostilities 300-400 kilometers from Bulgaria. Last but not least is gas,” he said. he.

“And at that moment, my astral twin, the president of Romania, convened the CIS. We don’t know what’s going on.

Can we wake up in a state of war and not know what is happening “, Boyko Borissov expressed his dissatisfaction.

He pointed out that the topic is so serious. And it directly affects us.

It was understood at the briefing that GERB is submitting 59 signatures of MPs, while 48 are needed, for an extraordinary session of the parliament. It could take place when the government wants it, Borissov explained. “Maybe tomorrow, but best today.”

“NATO is in full combat readiness on our border, we as a parliamentary republic must give a clear mandate to the government, to be more united than ever and to defend our interests, to defend our security,” the GERB leader added.

“We are a member of NATO and NATO’s combat readiness means combat readiness for us. What are we doing? We pretend that there is no problem, we do not notice it, we do not participate in the decision? Total international isolation,” said Boyko Borissov.

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